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Message From Our Mayor

May 2, 2019
Northern-Sun Print
As I write this we are in the last week of April and the robins finally got the third snow on their tails. Spring should be coming. We have a lot of corn and beans planted around Gladbrook but I haven’t seen any up. That is a good thing since the temperature was down to 28 degrees Saturday night. First off I want to congratulate all of our local kids who will be graduating from both High School and College in the next few weeks. You have made your community and your families very proud of you. We all wish you the best of luck in your future. Go out and make the most of your lives. Good luck! I don’t have a lot to report this month so I will talk about two big projects that your city is planning on getting done this spring. As most of you know we didn’t get any seal coat done to the streets last year. It just got too late so the council decided to double up this year. This is supposed to happen in June. Our other project is our water services. We are currently losing too many gallons of water between what we buy and what we charge for. Over 500,000 gallons since we hooked up to rural water. Mark Lowry has found several leaks and they have been repaired but we continue to lose more water. We are working with rural water in finding the problem. In the near future we will be shutting off different areas of town at a time and try to identify where the problem is. This shut off will be at night and might have to happen several times. Everyone will be without water at some time. Hopefully, this will happen late at night and will not affect you to much. We cannot continue to lose revenue at this rate. Another very likely possibly is our present water meters. A lot of them are from 50 to 70 years old. We are told that the old mechanical meters start to lose efficiency after 15 years. If we don’t find a leak, replacing meters will be our next step. I think we should do this anyway. The new meters would have no moving parts to wear out and should last a long time. Also they would have the ability to be read remotely saving us a lot of time especially when the weather is bad. We will keep you informed on this. In the meantime, keep your grass mowed and litter picked up! Thank You! Keith Sash, Mayor

PS – For those of you who missed it last Sunday, the Ambulance crew put on a wonderful breakfast with omelets, hash browns, fruit, rolls and coffee and juice as a fundraising event.

Corn Carnival dates are June 20, 21, 22 & 23. Please mark you calendars!



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