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Message From Our Mayor

November 8, 2018
Northern-Sun Print
As I write this, it sounds like we are in for a week of rainy weather. That is not something the farmers need. Some still have crops out in the fields and a lot of fall field work needs to be done. Now for the good news. The GR girls are in the State Volleyball Tournament starting Wednesday. They have had a great season and we wish them the best of luck going forward. Congratulations, ladies – you are making your communities proud. Also congratulations to the boys football team. This was their first season as an eight man team. They made it to the State Playoffs. They had a great season and were fun to watch. The next good news as of today, we only have two more days of political ads to watch. Both parties are crying that they need more money for education and health care. Too bad they can’t figure out a way to spend some of their advertising money on these issues. That would save us having to put up with all the negative ads and annoying phone calls. It will be great to see a Coca Cola ad again. If you haven’t been west of town, you need to go. The county is resurfacing the road from the fairgrounds south to Hwy. 96. They are grinding up the old blacktop off D-65(Lincoln-Dinsdale road) then laying it down and packing it. Next spring they will seal it with oil. It won’t be as good as blacktop but darn close. This will really help with dust control during the county fair and home football games. It took several years of negotiating but it is finally happening. Thank you to the Tama County Board of Supervisors for getting this project done. The Commercial Club did a great job of putting on a fun night for Halloween. Main St. was blocked from the Library to Spanky’s. Beth and her volunteer crew put in a lot of time and effort to decorate the library and put on a great party starting upstairs and going down into the haunted basement and jail. It was a really scary place with a lot of scary people down there but 238 people were brave enough to go through there. At one time the line went across the street to Hometown Foods. All of the businesses on Main St. from the library and Hometown Foods down to the Gladbrook Restaurant and Bowling Alley had treats for the kids. Mandy and Spanky did a great job of making a hay bale maze where the empty lots are on the south side of the street. The kids really enjoyed that! The fire and ambulance crews brought down a fire truck and ambulance for the kids to enjoy. Mandy Boldt led the Commercial Club in getting this organized and making this a fun night for the kids from here and surrounding communities. A big thanks goes out to Mandy and all the Commercial Club members, the Main St. businesses, Beth and her crew at the library and the volunteers at the Methodist Church Trunk or Treat for making this a night to remember. Thank you to all for making this a big success. On a final note, the Gladbrook City Council has accepted the donation from Dr. Latendresse of the doctor’s office next to the bank. Thank you!

Keith Sash, Mayor

PS – The Tree Lighting will be November 26. More fun in Gladbrook!



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