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Pastor’s Corner Rev. Dr. Paul Knupp Jr., Interim pastor, Peace United Church of Christ Gladbrook, Iowa

November 8, 2018
Northern-Sun Print
If you had been here, my brother (Lazarus) would not have died” John 11:32-44. This Sunday at Peace UCC Church, we honor our Veterans and deceased members and their families. At any point, they might, and probably did, say with Mary, “ Where were you?” to Jesus. One of Jesus’ responses is the shortest verse in the Bible, “He wept” John 11:35. Why did Jesus weep? Because he saw Lazarus in heaven and was hesitant to bring him back. Where are our departed loved ones? In the same place, heaven. As Jesus said to the thief dying on the cross next to him, “TODAY you will be with me in Paradise” Luke 23:43. Not tomorrow, do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to heaven today, the day you die. There is no hesitation land or limbo, no haunting - TODAY you will be in Paradise with Jesus. Get ready! Turn to him in the midst of your troubles and nasty behavior TODAY! He will forgive and welcome you! Get a jump on heaven today.


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