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Gladbrook Fire Department presents Fire Prevention Day at GMG Elementary

October 25, 2018
By Margaret Thomsen , Northern-Sun Print

The Gladbrook Fire Department was at the GMG Elementary to present a day of activities designed to instill safe actions in case of a fire or emergency. This day was held in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week October 7 to 13.

The kindergartners got to ride on a fire truck - complete with lights and sirens. The firemen simulated a full scale search and rescue in the first grade room. The children were instructed by Fireman Mark Lowry about not hiding and how hard it is for the firemen to find them if they hide under a bed or in a closet. A lively discussion followed about when to call 911 and staying safe.

The second graders were taught proper evacuation from school and/or home. Again it was discussed to get out and not hide and to stay calm.

Article Photos

The GMG First Grade Class listens attentively as Fireman Mark Lowrey explains what to do in case of a fire. The discussion focused on getting out safely - and not hiding in a closet or under the bed. A simulation of a search and rescue was held in the darkened room with the firemen in full “search and rescue” gear crawled about the dark room. Pictured with the first grade class are Firemen Mark Lowrey, Craig Sash, Landon Read, Mike DeWitt and Matt Koester.
Photo provided by Elementary Principal Mr. Chris Frimmel

The third graders got first hand knowledge of how heavy and cumbersome is the full dress of a fireman. A relay was played as the children raced to don the coat, hat and those cumbersome gloves. It was stressed that all that is to keep the firemen safe.

The fourth graders were taught what to do in the event of a crash or fire while riding in a bus. A simulated water fight relay was enjoyed by the fifth graders and the sixth grade students received hands-on training in the use of a fire extinguisher. This included a live burn simulation with extinguishment.

Fire Chief Matt Koester noted this program is intended to give students something to look forward to each year as the programs are the same for those grades each year.



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