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Gladbrook-Reinbeck begins new school year

August 21, 2014
Northern-Sun Print

The 73rd annual flag raising at the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School, Gladbrook Campus, was held on Wed., Aug. 20th. The service is sponsored by the Gladbrook American Legion Auxiliary. Gladbrook Auxiliary Vice-President Trudi Scott coordinated the service.

Vice-President Trudi opened the program with these thoughts: "For 73 years the Gladbrook American Legion & Auxiliary have joined you to celebrate the first day of school. We come to present the school with new flags every year. Unfortunately, we have to be inside today with the rain but we can use the rain so it's ok. We usually gather around the flag pole outside. Today, we have brought an American flag, the State of Iowa flag and the POW flag for you.

We raise these flags on the flag pole every day to recognize and celebrate our nation. These flags represent the freedom of our country. In the United States we have rights and privileges like no other country. We get the choice of where we live and how we live. We get the choice of those who run our government on our behalf. Many people in this world don't have those choices. We should remember to be grateful for the freedom we have in American. And we must always remember to be thankful and honor the men and women who have protected our country."

Article Photos

Class of 2027
The new Kindergarten Class of the Gladbrook Elementary stopped for this picture after the 73rd Flag Raising ceremony held on the first day of school Wed., Aug. 20, 2014, at the Gladbrook Campus. Pictured along with the graduating class of 2027 is Nicole Creswell, Kindergarten teacher.

Gladbrook Commander Ron Busch and Gladbrook Auxiliary President Jeanne Paustian with the help of Jr. Auxiliary members, Kayla Vavroch, Justina Eggers, Jasmin Terven, Jordan Sherman, Gracey Nagle, and Rachel Scarf presented the America, Iowa, and POW flags to Dean of Students Jason Strub. A color-guard of Legionnaires including Dick Denbow, Ron Busch, Bob Knaack, and Carroll Wegner, Craig Russell and Auxiliary members, Jolene Denbow and Marilyn Carstenson, stood at attention as the flags were presented. Pledge of

Allegiance was recited and the National Anthem was beautifully sung by 8th grader Meriah Wittgreve. Meriah is the daughter of Jeremy & Melody Wittgreve.

Pastor Carol Kress of the Gladbrook UMC gave the message. She stated, "Hello. This morning I will share a quote from Jane Adams about being a good citizen and the importance of challenges.This quote from Jane Adams, (the wife of President John Adams) was in a letter she wrote to her son. She was encouraging him to go on a trip to Europe, He had been invited to go but he didn't want to do it. She encouraged him to go ahead by writing "These are the times in which a genius would wish to live. It is not in the still calm days of life when great characters are formed. The habits of a vigorous mind are formed in facing difficulties. When a mind is raised and animated by scenes that engage the heart, the characters of heroes and great citizens are formed."

(Abigail Adams found in the book JOHN ADAMS, pg. 226)Has anyone told you that you possess the makings of a genius? If no one has, then let me say it to you now. You have the makings of a genius. We may not be shaped into a genius in every subject, or in every way. But all of us can exceed and become great people. The dream of the adults who are here with you now is that during this school year you will find the road that takes you to subjects that interest you, challenge you and in which you will excel. The son of Jane Adams did respond to her encouragement. He did take the trip to Europe and when he grew up he became the 6th president of the United States.

Let's talk about this morning and how you may be feeling right. When you woke up and prepared to come to school you may have felt sad that summer vacation has ended. You may have been excited about putting on new clothes and packing new supplies to bring today. You might have felt excitement because you would see friends (and perhaps make new ones.) Some of us felt nervous. We may have felt as if there were butterflies in our stomachs. Today I would guess many felt a mix of feelings similar to these.

It is normal to experience mixed feelings on days like today. Along with the new things you brought with you to school, there are new teachers and teacher helpers and other adults here who feel happy and sad. Some want to quiet down all of the nervous butterflies fluttering in their tummies too.

This is my first Flag Raising Ceremony, so this is a new experience for me too. But my prayer for you is an old one. That you discover inside of yourself the makings of a genius. You will set challenging goals and that you will meet them. And all the butterflies those stomachs will quiet down and go to sleep. Let's stay connected and become reliable friends in education..

Our community is blessed with great schools. It also has skilled teachers and helpers. Best of all, it has a terrific students assembled here. We care about you and want you to grow up to be good people, neighbors and faithful citizens of this great nation. God Bless you!"

Dean of Students Jason Strub, concluded the program. He thanked the Gladbrook Legion & Auxiliary for hosting the very meaningful patriotic service and donating the flags. He thanked the Juniors and hoped they could raised the flags after the weather cleared. He thanked Pastor Kress for the inspiring message, and he thanked Meriah Wittgreve for doing a great job singing the "National Anthem".

Jason introduced the new staff: Jackson Andrson, 7-8 Special Education; Erin Becker, Language Arts and Science; Rachel Keber, K-12 Vocal Music; and High School Principal Scot Aden.

Jason ended with, "I am excited to get the 14-15 school year started and look forward to a great year."

Welcome back to school, G-R Rebels!!!!!!!



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