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Message From Our Mayor

August 15, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
I want to start this letter by apologizing to Luethje Sales for forgetting to recognize them in last months letter. Both Pat Knaack and Todd Draper are a great asset to our community with their car sales and service business located in the southeast corner of Gladbrook at the junction of T-47 and Highway 96. They not only run a great business but also are a large supporter of Corn Carnival being the sponsor of the fireworks display which went well even with the rain. I hope I didn’t miss anyone else – it sure is not my intention. We need every sponsor we can get and I apologize to both Pat and Todd and anyone else I might have missed. Us old people (anyone who is a grandparent) have always said ‘let the young people do it, it’s time for them to take their turn.’ Let’s talk a little bit about the Gladbrook young people taking their turn. First I want to start with Dan and Sam DeWitt. Dan has been very active on Carnival with set up and porta-pot duty, a fireman and a councilman. Dan and Sam have purchased an acreage just north of Gladbrook so Dan has to resign his place on the Council. He will still be a fireman and both he and Sam will stay very active in our community. I personally will miss Dan as a councilman as he always was quiet but when he spoke you needed to listen because it would be important and well thought out. The council will be appointing someone to replace Dan in the next two months. If you are interested, please apply at City Hall. I’m not going to name names of our other young citizens but tell you some of the things they do starting with the group that runs the food stand at the 4-H Fair. They not only provide three great meals a day but have returned over $43,000 to the community. Next let’s go the Young Women of Today who are responsible for the Corn Carnival Kids Parade, Easter Egg Hunt, :Halloween Party and Santa. Then the couples who are in charge of the Youth Fellowship with regular meetings and going on mission trips each year. Next are the Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders and the young people who are in charge of the Little League ball games with weekly practice and games. There is also a group of young men organizing a Sons of the Legion group in town. They will be a great asset. I have several young men and women who I can call on to ask for help and they will come through. As my wife says, when you start naming names, you will forget someone. I’m sure that I have and I know that I didn’t give near enough praise and recognition to all our young citizens here in Gladbrook and the surrounding area. This old person really does appreciate what you all do in making Gladbrook a better place to live and a community to be proud of. Thanks to each and everyone of you and forgive me if I forgot to mention someone. THANK YOU!

Keith Sash, Mayor

PS – Congratulations to all the 4-H kids on your projects both at the County Fair and the State Fair. Job well done!



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