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Tama Co. Supervisors By: Joyce Wiese

July 10, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
Tami Wise from the CPC office presented a new U.S. Bank Per Diem Card which will make managing and monitoring day-to-day expenses easier. The U.S. Bank Per Diem Card provides a greater level of control over how funds are used. Online administrative tools allow you to order cards and perform tasks ranging from loading, reloading or removing funds from cards to reviewing individual transactions of all issued cards at any time. These cards are good anywhere Visa cards are accepted. The benefits include reducing the need to disburse cash, the flexibility of choosing from two different types of per diem programs. The standard card allows only cardholder point-of-sale, signature or PIN transactions. The Elite card includes cardholder point-of-sale, signature, or PIN transactions, ATM withdrawals, teller withdrawals and cash back with purchase. This card is more cost efficient, cost effective and secure disbursal of per diem payments, and many more efficiencies. The U.S. Bank is one of the largest and most experienced issuers of prepaid cards Wise says many counties are going to this bank due to the efficiency and advantages of the system. Stan and Charlotte Upah visited with supervisors requesting a suspension or to abate taxes for the next year on the building they owned which recently burned and is unusable. They were advised to visit with the Toledo city council and the STC school system. The county assessor was present and explained his budget is set January 1, and nothing is changed for that year. More information is needed before the request can be considered. County Engineer Lyle Brehm gave his weekly road report and stated there was some road damage from the storms. Brehm did not think there was enough damage that FEMA would be involved. Brehm said water was across the roads in places but not as bad as last year. Road crews are out cleaning up brush and debris washed upon the roads and ditches. Brehm told supervisors there was a culvert just north of Gilman on the county line road that was in bad shape. There was no discussion on what would or could be done about this culvert. Susan Jones presented a listing of the Fiscal Year Insurance billing for the different departments. $285,793.00 was budgeted and the actual premium came to $264,930.00, some $20,863.00 less than budgeted for. Claims approved for the past week came to $454,894.21.


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