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Update On Band Uniforms By: Cole Goos

May 15, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
As some of you may remember the G-R High School Band was doing fundraising to get new band uniforms earlier this year. The decision was made by the students to go with a warm-up styled jacket instead of a full traditional uniform. In future years these jackets may be phased out to accommodate growth of the band and it’s mission evolves. The traditional style uniforms cost around $350 each. The arrival time for the band jackets should be sometime in the fall of next school year. Band members already took their sizes for the jackets during class. Last fall the band raised about $1000, which is was a very good amount. However, Mr. Reynolds approached the Fine Arts Boosters last spring about the idea of replacing our 20-year old uniforms with new ones. The cost for a new set of uniforms would be around $10,000.00. The Boosters went to the school board in the spring of 2013 to develop a plan for new band uniforms: the band would raise the first $1000, the Fine Arts Boosters would pay an additional $4000 and the school would pay the remaining $5000. Last fall, after input from students and a different school board and superintendent, the decision was made to go in a different direction for outfitting the band. After input was sought from other area band directors, ever-increasing costs, current size of the band, and especially student input, the decision was made to go the “warm-up style jacket” route. There are other area schools who have the same jacket which provides our band with an updated, uniform at a much-reduced cost. The funds that have been raised so far are still in reserve with the Fine Arts Boosters and will be used for our “traditional uniform” when that time comes. If you have anymore questions about the uniforms you can contact Mr. Reynolds at his school email.


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