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GMG Journalism Class

May 2, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
GMG School is Coming to a Close by Lucas Catherwood It’s getting to the end of the school year for all ages! (the old, and the young). The Seniors last day will be May 15. The Senior Awards Ceremony will be held the 16th of May in the morning at the high school in Garwin. The entire community is welcome. We wish the seniors the very best to their future. The rest of the GMG School School District will be finishing up tests and handing things in the last week. The last day of school for the students will be May 29. The Teachers are finished the next day on the 30th of May. The school year has flown by, and I’m ready for graduation day.

GMG Girls Golf by: Tyson Strayer GMG hosted a golf meet at Oakwood Country Club in Conrad on Monday, April 21st. Summer Langenbau shot the best out of the GMG girls, finishing fourth overall with a 60. Olivia Barritt finished just behind her, finishing fifth with a 72. Katie Airey shot a 81, and Josie Claassen shot a 83. It was a fun night for the GMG ladies!

Girls Track in Gilbert By: Michele Teube It was a long day for the girls track team on Monday, April 21, 2014. They competed in the Bengal Relays, and they did a great job. The girls who made it to the finals were Mikaella Koster, who finished second in the 100 meter hurdles class B, and Caitlin Applegate who finished second in high jump class B. The GMG girls received third in 800 sprint Medley class B. The runners in the 800 sprint were Mikaella Koster, Blaire Sonderleiter, Caitlin Appelgate and Ella Gruen. They got 5th in 4x100 meter shuttle hurdle class B. The runners int the 4x100 meter shulltle hurdles were Morgan Gauthier, Anne Scheidel, Codi Groth, and Megan Slingluff. Great job, ladies! We are proud of you!

Brock Fisher Attends Drake Relays Tyler Thurston Brock Fisher of GMG qualified for the Drake Relays. He did not clear 6’ 1’’ so he did not place at the relays. It was a bad day for Brock, as he jumps higher in most other meets, and his steps were off from 111 ft to 81 ft. Although he didn’t clear it, Brock was glad to make it to the Drake relays. We are so proud of Brock and his accomplishments.

GMG Girls to BGM by Tristan Zoffka The GMG girls track team had a track meet at BGM on Friday, April 25, 2014. Elee Edwards received second place and Allison Stegmann received fourth place in the 3000M run. Ella Gruen, Natalie Smith, Mattie Vaske, and Josie Claassen ran in the 4x800 relay and landed in first place. In the shuttle hurdles, Katie Airey, Caitlin Appelgate, Blaire Sonderleiter, and Mikaella Koster received first place. Katie Airey got first place in the 100 meter dash. Chandler Kendall, Peyton Mannan, Elee Edwards, and Natalie Smith ran in the distance medley and landed in third place. Ella Gruen ran in the 400 meter dash and got first place. Chandler Kendall, Anna Scheidel, Olivia Welton, and Megan Slingluff ran in the 4x200 and received third place. Caitlin Appelgate jumped 5’0’’ and got first place, Josie Claassen jumped 4’6’‘and received second place. Mikaella Koster landed in first place in the 100M hurdles and Caitlin Appelgate received second place in the 100M hurdles. Mikaella Koster, Blaire Sonderleiter, Ella Gruen, and Katie Airey landed a first place in the sprint medley. Elee Edwards landed first place in the 1500M run and Natalie Smith placed second place. In the 4x100, Megan Slingluff, Blaire Sonderleiter, Mikaella Koster, and Caitlin Appelgate received first. Morgan Gauthier, Josie Claassen, Mattie Vaske, and Ella Gruen landed first in the 4x400. At the end of the night the girls track team had 188 points. With those many points the girls won the meet! Come and support the girls track meet so they can win some more meets!

Hypnotist to GMG by Zach Plante On Friday, April 25, GMG had a hypnotist at the high school. There was a conflict with the hypnotist at after prom, so the company sent us a hypnotist on Friday. He started at 11 p.m. and was finished around 12:30 a.m.. The evening was filled with laughter. There were students acting totally out of character. They were hilarious! Everyone who attended said that he was an amazing act, and that they would go back to see his again. Thanks for the fun way to spend the evening!

GMG Girls Hit Motezuma by Nina Soto The Girls Track meet was held in Montezuma on Tuesday, April 22. In the 4x800 Relay the girls placed 2nd. The team was Elee Edwards, Natatlie Smith, Josie Claassen, and Mattie Vaske. Then there was the Shuttle team that placed 1st. That team consisted of Mikaella Koster, Blaire Sonderleiter, Caitlin Appelgate, Katie Airey. The Distance Med.placed 2nd with a team of Katie Airey, Caitlin Appelgate, Ella Gruen, Blaire Sonderleiter. The 400M Dash was run by Chandler Kendall who placed 5th and then there was Morgan Gauthier who placed 4th. The 4x200 team landed 5th place. The runners were Codi Groth, Peyton Mannan, Kenna Krier, and Megan Slingluff. In discus Kenna Krier placed 5th. In the high jump Caitlin Appelgate placed 1st, and Josie Claassen placed 2nd. in the 100M hurdles Mikaella Koster placed 1st. The 800M run was run by Ella Gruen placed 5th, and Josie Claassen landed 2nd. In the 200M Dash Megan Slingluff placed 6th, and in the 400M Hurdles Elee Edwards placed 2nd. The Sprint Med team placed 1st. All involved were Mikaella Koster, Blaire Sonderleiter, Ella Gruen, and Katie Airey. In the 1500M Run Natalie Smith placed 5th. In the 4x100 GMG team they placed 3rd. Runners for the 4x100 were Katie Airey, Blaire Sonderleiter, Mikaella Koster, and Caitlin Appelgate. Finally, in the 4x400 that team placed 3rd. In the 4x400 were teammates Elee Edwards, Morgan Gauthier, Mattie Vaske,and Ella Gruen. The night was very succcessful! Way to run, Ladies!

Boys Track at Conrad By: Tabytha Teube We would like to congratulate GMG boys track. On Tuesday, April 24, BCLUW hosted a track meet, and the GMG boys traveled to Conrad to compete. The GMG boys track did a great job, we would like to recognize Brock Fisher for receiving 2nd in the high jump at 6'2", and 3rd in the 200 M Dash with a time of 23.73. Nathan Swaim received 6th places in the100 M Dash, and received a time of 11.86. Ethan Ridout, Dillon Slingluff, Josh Raymond, Matthew Smith, came in 4th in the 4 by 800 M Relay in 9:26. Way to represent, GMG!

GRADUATION at GMG By Michael Dirks. Everybody mark your calendars for May 18th for graduation at GMG.The time is from 2 p.m- 4p.m. Presently, the seniors are voting on having it either in the new gym or the old gym. When we find out which gym, we will let you know. There are over 40 seniors graduating this year. Please attend our commencement services!

GMG Attends the Conrad Golf Meet By Zach Halverson GMG traveled to Conrad on April 26, 2014 to participate in a golf meet. We played some great golf. Chad Plaehn received an 86 over all in the golf meet. He also landed in 4th place in the tournament. Brandon Weitzell scored a 95, and Kenan Hall scored a 101. Some of the kids could not make it, but they will be in the next one. Congratulations on a great round of golf.



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