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Earth Day By: Shelby Yates

May 2, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
As many of you hopefully know, this past Tuesday, April 22nd was Earth Day! This is a national day where we not only celebrate the wonderful planet we live on, but try to learn more about what we can do to make it better for all of us. The high school Renovation Club is an environmental club that wanted to really take advantage of this special day to educate the elementary schoolers about the environment and what they can do to help the Earth. Along with some help from a few FFA members, we traveled to the Reinbeck Elementary and presented to all the kids grades Kindergarten to 4th grade about a variety of topics. The subject topics included: water conservation, alternative energy, forests (planting and restoring), endangered species, reduce/reuse/recycle, and pollution. The student presenters included: Chase Clark, Alyona Strohbehn, Alyssa Christopher, Sadie Walton, Hanna Christopher, Emily Johnson, Brittany Yates, Shelby Yates, Shelton Hatch, Meg Edler, Madeline Mussig, Maddison Wild, Kathryn Wild, and Haydon Rhoades. The kids have a blast participating in hands-on activities and learning new things about our planet. At every session, the students learned ways that they, personally, could help the Earth now—even at the age of six! We encourage everyone, no matter what age, to consider even just one thing they could do in their daily life to help the planet—whether it be taking shorter showers, planting a tree, walking instead of driving, turning the light off when leaving a room, picking up litter, or recycling paper, plastic, cardboard, etc. As the kids quickly learned, we ALL have a hundred opportunities to help the Earth each and every day. The Renovation Club and FFA would encourage you to check out this website for more ideas on how you can help the Earth: We are hoping to make it an annual thing to have high schoolers present to the younger students on Earth Day. Though we only presented at the Reinbeck Elementary this year, we’re also hoping to expand to the middle school next year. Next time you see a youngin’ ask them what they learned at school on Earth Day—I bet you they’d tell you something you never even knew!


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