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Gladbrook City Council By Marcy Knaack

April 18, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
Monday evening at their regular council meeting, the council authorized Mayor Keith Sash to sign the contract with Larsen Construction of Independence, IA for $819,832 for the base bid with alternates 3 and 5. Engineer Mike Bearden said Change Order 1 to the bid will decrease it by $21,361. Bearden said all permits with the DNR are in place. Change Orders 2, 3 and 4 are held in the City Clerk’s possession and they are for $22,000, $21,000 and $65,000 respectively – changing rock to paving. The change orders can be held for 60 days and will be completed if funds become available. Only a portion of the claim from Ament Design was approved. Approved were professional services for $653.12 from February 1 – 28, 2014 and professional services for $391.88 from March 1 – 28, 2014 for a total of $1045. The Council did not approve the additional cost of printing materials which came to $8,380.82. Bearden said he will be meeting with them for a pre-construction meeting Tuesday morning and will address the issue at that time. City Clerk Lori Bearden shared three examples of ordinances from other cities pertaining to the feeding and/or sheltering of feral or homeless cats within the city. The example they liked was the one which stated that feeding and/or sheltering feral or homeless cats will be prohibited on any public or private property. The policy would be enforced by the Clerk and Public Works Director Mark Lowry. Anyone found to be feeding and/or sheltering feral or homeless cats would be issued a written order to cease the feeding and/or sheltering. If a person fails to comply, these individuals would have the right to seize and remove any cats from the property along with their food containers. Those who fail to comply would receive a warning on the 1st offense, fined $50 on the second offense and $100 on the 3rd offense. Exempted are bird and squirrel feeders used for their intended purpose. The resolution will be acted upon at the May meeting. The Council authorized Mayor Sash to contact Jerry Paustian and ask him that all doors to his property be properly secured with hinges and latch or boarded up. There are 8 doors to the buildings and currently six of them are not secured. Sash said there are massive amounts of raccoons on Main Street and it is the Council’s hope that if there is no food for them to eat and buildings to go in, this problem may go away. The Council took no action on the request from Ron Brooks for a variance to erect a fence between his driveway and lot line, which would only leave 9 inches from the lot line. The ordinance states it must be 3 feet. Brooks will be asked to provide more information. French-Reneker of Fairfield was selected as Engineer for the Grand Street bridge project. The bill from Goos Implement for $347.86 and the bill from CGA for $5,646.25 were removed from the consent agenda and approved. Schmitty’s Snow Removal bid of $1,412.50 for snow removal from city property was approved. Sheriff Dennis Kucera said his deputies spent 139.75 hours within the city limits during March and responded to 14 calls. A Class C beer permit was approved for Hometown Foods. A public hearing will be held at the regular May 12th meeting to amend the budget for 2013/14.


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