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District 72 Update-Rep. Dean Fisher-Week 11

April 3, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
The House continues to work on mainstream bills that are a priority for Iowans, including the Home Base Iowa plan. Over the next 5 years approximately 300,000 personnel will be leaving the military. The House Republicans appreciate the service and sacrifice that veterans have made to our nation and our state. We also recognize that our veterans are some of the most skilled and highly-trained men and women in the country. The package of legislation that supports the Home Base Iowa plan is designed to honor those veterans that are already here in Iowa as well as to attract veterans to Iowa. Many Iowa businesses are especially having difficulty finding the mid-skilled workers they need to maintain and expand their businesses. Often times our veterans can fulfill these needs easily, transferring their training and education in the military to the civilian market. This week the House passed Senate File 303 which exempts military retirement pay and military survivor benefits from the state individual income tax, requires professional and occupational licensing boards in Iowa to adopt rules allowing credit to military veterans for their education and training, allowing employers to give preference to veterans in hiring and promotion, and other provisions. Visitors this week were: Rick Langford and Lynn Pierce from La Porte City; Iowa Corn Growers Representatives Roscoe Eggers, Greg & Jared Eibs and Dave Scott from State Center and Melbourne, Peter Rogers from Marshalltown, Jerimi Kopsa from The State Bank of Toledo. Bills of Note House File 2181 - Lemon Law bill - I am happy to report that my bill to change the vehicle Lemon Law to cover heavier vehicles, particularly larger pickups, passed the Senate on Monday and now goes to the governor for his consideration. House File 2452 - First Time Home Buyer Savings Accounts - This bill allows first time home buyers the ability to create a tax exempt savings account and deposit up to $3,000 per year individually or $6,000 per year jointly. This bill passed the House and now goes to the Senate. HF 2451 - Sales Tax Rebate for the Iowa Speedway - This bill renews the 5% sales tax rebate that was given to the Iowa Speedway when the track was initiated years ago. The original legislation was to provide support for the project without directly injecting taxpayer funds, the owners would have to “earn” the rebate by creating new sales. The rebate was predicated on the ownership of the Iowa Speedway being a minimum of 25% owned by an Iowa corporation. With the sale of the speedway to NASCAR, that deal was broken. This bill is intended to continue that arrangement regardless of the fact that Iowa ownership is now zero. I voted against this measure for two reasons. First, I think it sets a bad precedent to place a restriction on a deal and then later ignore that restriction when the deal is broken. The second reason is that I see no reason why an existing business should receive such a rebate but not other businesses. The bill passed 79 to 14 with 7 abstentions. The support and opposition were bipartisan. In Closing I would encourage you all to come down to the capitol for a visit, but hurry, we may adjourn by mid-April. If you do, ask for a tour of the capitol dome, Diane will be ready to take you all the way up to the cupola. And of course you will want to take the tour of the rest of the capitol with the regular tour guides. As always, feel free to contact me with your thoughts and concerns about our state government. My contact information is 641-750-3594

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