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GMG Journalism Class

March 28, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
Snow Make Up Days By: Lexie Curry As of March 20th this years snow make up days for GMG will be April 17th, May 23rd, 27th,28th, and 29th, 2014. There will also be an inservice for staff on May 30th. Everyone enjoy their spring and continue looking forward to summer!

Wrestling Story Tyler Thurston On Friday, March 14, 2014, the GMG East Marshall Wrestling team attended their regional meet. The meet would be held at Conrad, and our GMG team, consisting of Gage Fraser, Zach Plante, and Tyson Strayer were going for the gold. First up was Gage “The Machine” Fraser and the crowd went nuts. Women everywhere tossed their underwear into the ring, as the national heartthrob, Gage Fraser walked out. Gage was going up against a gargantuan of a man, and Gage looked his enemy in the eyes, and whispered “it’s all ogre now.” The match had started and Gage picked up the behemoth and with all his force and momentum, slammed him onto the mat. His ugly opponent was now gasping for air and coughing up blood. That sorry excuse was done already. Laughing, Gage grabbed him by the arms and legs and pinned him without effort. That set the tone for the rest of the day and GMG didn’t lose, so they advanced to state.

Basketball Story Tyler Thurston Today I’m broadcasting from Conrad, where GMG will be facing off with BCLUW at their home court. This is the pre-game show. It appears that after his injury of being butt hurt, Bridger Classen will be playing today. Now for an interview with Austin Vaughn. What do you think the score will be today, Austin? 78 to 77. That’s oddly specific, why do you think that’s going to be the score? “Because, that’s what it’s going to be, said Austin.” On that note it looks as the game is about to begin. The bands start playing as the teams run out of the locker rooms, but wait, a bunch of midgets are running out for the GMG team. They start to tip off and as you would expect the midget jumped only inches off the ground. It was an absolute slaughter of those players, with no competition for them and BCLUW scored 77 points. It is now five seconds to halftime, but wait. One of the midgets got the ball. He shoots from three quarters of the court away and makes it! The crowd is going crazy, half of them started wall twerking, and the other half started doing the harlem shake. Then after halftime, the varsity for GMG decided to step out. With three points on the board, they were determined to have a comeback. Austin was playing point and as soon as he got the ball he drove through the lane, jumped over an opposing player, and windmill dunked the ball. It’s safe to say that they were scared after that. Then BCLUW couldn’t make a shot to safe their life because of the defense that Zach Halverson was doing. They couldn’t handle his agility and he got fifteen steals. Luke Petty also got twenty rebounds and seven blocked shots. GMG ended up scoring seventy-five points in the game, ending out in a score of 78 to 77! The crowd went wild and stormed the court, celebrating their glorious victory over their rivals.

Wedding Story Tyler Thurston Today famous fashion model with her own Victoria Secret fashion line, Tristan Zofka is getting married. She is going to be wed to multi-millionaire Alex Pettyfer. The best man will be Heavy Metal Artist, Tyler Thurston, from Garwin, Iowa, Tristan’s hometown as well. Don’t worry though ladies, Tyler is still on the market. The happy couple are getting married today in Los Angeles, California, at Trinity Baptist Church, with Reverend Michael Dirks. The happy couple are excited to get to the honeymoon, but I think that Nina Soto will prove that she has put one-hundred percent of her time into this wedding. She has a budget of one million dollars and has always been known to get a good deal on whatever she buys, so this should be a very extravagant wedding. It’s finally time for the ceremony and there are five thousand people in attendance to witness the birth of love between this young couple. Everyone walked in to a beautiful setting with a royal greek theme, full of arches and pedestals, and everyone was sitting in awe at the amazing job that Nina had done. After the ceremony Tabytha and Michele Teube sang their hit song, “I married my best friend.” Then, after the night, the young newly weds went to their honeymoon to the Bahamas.

World Famous Rodeo Tyler Thurston Today is the World championship rodeo in Denver, Colorado. Renowned bull rider, Lucas Catherwood is said to be here today. Also said to be here today are rodeo trick riders Laura Boone, Riley Santry, and Jacy Johnson, said to impress people with their death defying stunts. It’s also said that the famous band the “Kicking Stars” are going to perform tonight. The band members include Lane Williams, Lexie Curry, and Chris Lothe. Lucas Catherwood was up to ride the bull and he had the wildest bull they had, because he asked for it. The bull was named Ass-kicker, because he kicks you as soon as he bucks you off. Now it was the time for Lucas to start and everyone thought he made a bad decision choosing Ass-kicker, but they blew the horn and there was no going back. While Lucas was making an incredible run, it had already been eight seconds and he hadn’t fallen off. Then it was fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty!

Graduation Ceremony By: Tristan Zoffka Mark your date for the GMG Graduation Ceremony. It will be held on Sunday, March 18th at 2:00 p.m in the old gym at GMG High School in Garwin. Everyone is welcome to congratulate the class of 2014. We hope to see everyone there!

GMG Golf Team Lucas Catherwood The first golf meet for GMG is April 8, 2014. There are 22 golfers this year. They are very excited to start the golf season off on the right foot. They will be competing with Colo and Don Bosco. They are preparing for any weather thrown at them. Chad Plaehn, a senior, says, “Golf is in my blood fool.” Spurlin is just as excited if not more excited than these hard working group of golfers. Hard work pays off, and it will show this season as we have five or six or seven or eight seniors. lol We are very excited to see them out hitting that ball like its a golf ball you know? OHHHHHHH RAWWWWWWW!!!!

ISU Beats Baylor By Zach Halverson Many of the GMG students were so excited! ISU beat Baylor this last weekend 65-74. ISU shoot bad in the first half, but they made up in the second. It was a long game. Baylor could not pull it together at the end. Good luck to ISU in the NCAA tournament. ISU is a third seed.

Easter Break for GMG Zachary Plante Easter break was suppose to start on Thursday, April 17. However, because of the snow cancelations, that day will be used for a snow make up. Now Easter break starts on Friday, April 18 thru Tuesday, April 22. The rest of the make up days were tacked onto the end of the year. That gives GMG students a nice little 5 day weekend which we all need. Have a happy Easter and a long safe weekend.

Girls Basketball Conference Laura Landt Three girls from GMG Secondary School landed a prestigious spot on the Girls Iowa Star Basketball Conference team. Placing on the first team was Olivia Barritt. Awesome job, Olivia! On the second team was Kaitlin Applegate. In Honorable Mention position was Mikaella Koster. We are so proud of these young ladies and their accomplishments!

Girls Indoor Track Meet By Zach Halverson. On March 22, 2014 at Central College a few young ladies participated in an indoor track meet. Josie Claassen received 26th in the high jump. It was a good jump. Blaire Sonderleiter placed 35th in the girls 55 meter hurdles. Anna Scheidel placed 105TH in the girls 200 meter dash. It was a great experience for these young girls!

Girls Track By: Tabytha & Michele Teube GMG Girl’s first track meet is in Conrad. It will start on Monday, March 31. It is held at 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Let’s all support and cheer on GMG girls track. It will be an amazing year and is sure to be a good team with our good coach Mr. Jon Reed!

Beauty and The Beast by Nina Soto An outstanding job and applause goes to all the cast in this years wonderful play! Beauty and the Beast was a huge hit, and everyone who went did a fantastic job! More applause goes out to the main Characters Jennifer Borota who played as Bell, Noah Thurston who played as the Beast, and Dillion Slingluff who played Gaston. The play took place on Friday and Saturday, March 21-22 at GMG High School. The other characters were also fantastic. Mrs. Helen August played the scores of the musical phenomenally well. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Mullikin on a job well done!

Boy and Girls Track By: Tristan Zoffka Everyone should come out and support the boys track team on March 31. The meet will be held in Conrad. The girls track team will also be there. The meet begins at 4:30! So come out and support boys and girls track team!

MCC ACT By: Tyler Thurston Marshalltown Community College serves as a national testing center for the ACT. There is a basic fee of fifty dollars for the ACT. There is an extra fee for a writing essay and a late fee for late sign up. The test will be held on April 12, between 8 A.M. and noon.

GMG Relays By: Lexie Curry This year the GMG Relays will be held in Tama at the STC Schools. The relays will be held on Monday, April 14, 2014 starting at 5:00 p.m. We need volunteers!! If you are interested in helping with the relays, you may contact Mr. Mark Gabriel at the GMG High School. We need help with several different things. Please help the GMG community out with some volunteer work!

Senior Pictures! by Austin Vaughn GMG Wolverine seniors, we need your senior pictures for the Times-Republican, Northern Sun, the school yearbook, and for the class composite picture immediately. Parents, we need those pictures as soon as possible. Deadlines are approaching quickly. If you want your child in these four memorabilias, get the pictures to the school now!

ISU to Sweet 16 By : Luke Petty Iowa State had a tough test playing North Carolina. Iowa State faced adversity as Georges Niang hurt his foot, and will be out for the remainder of the season. DeAndre Kane had an exceptional game. Kane led the team with 24 points, 10 rebounds, and 7 assists. North Carolina’s star player is Marcus Paige from Marion, Iowa. Iowa State came out on top after Kane game winning lay-up. The score was 85-83.

GMG Basketball Boys Making Conference Teams By Riley Santry Three of our GMG boy students on the basketball team made it into the Iowa Star Conference this year. Congratulations to Luke Petty, Chad Plaehn and Bridger Claassen on a job well done. Luke Petty made 1st Team All Conference. That is a tremendous accomplishment, Luke! Chad Plaehn made 2nd Team, and Bridger Claassen made Honorable Mention. Awesome job boys! We are so proud of you!

Food Pantry Michael Dirks The GMG National Honor Society held a contest to see who can raise the most money for the local food pantries based on advisory groups. The contest ran for five days allowing students to bring in all the change they could find. The total amount raised was $885.10. The winners received a pizza party with brownies, ice cream and homemade hot fudge sauce. The fourteen high school advisory groups raised a total of $463.97. Mr. Spurlin’s advisory raised the most with a total of $112.17 The six junior high groups raised a total of $421.13. Mrs. Rodgers was the winner with a total of $125.14. The money raised will be shared between Marshall and Tama County food pantries. It is rewarding to see that kind of generosity among the GMG student body.



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