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District 72 Update-Rep. Dean Fisher-Week 10

March 28, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
Monday, St. Patrick’s Day, we had the pleasure of hearing from Michelle Mulherin, a guest from the Irish Parliament in Dublin, Ireland. Ms. Mulherin gave us an update on the economic recovery occurring in Ireland, and also talked about the history of St. Patrick ‘s Day and how St. Patrick, an Englishman, was responsible for converting the Irish to Christianity. This week was marked by more committee work on the appropriations bills and running 32 bills passed by the Senate on the floor of the House. Visitors this week were: Rich Park of State Center representing the Lennox UAW; The Tama Iowa Poweshiek REC board members: Gene Von Ahsen, Darryl Grimm, Wayne Wilcox, Lee King, James Timm, Jack Wilkinson, Nick Hammes & Ron Hoffman along with TIP-REC office staff: Larry Boesenberg, Randy Goeke, Janet Faas & Scott Long. Tama County Farm Bureau: president Rebecca Hosek, Julia Babinat, Nick Podhajsky, Al Schafbuch. From Consumers Energy: General Manager Jim Kidd, Pat Von Ahnen, and Gail Hull. In my last newsletter I talked about IRIS, the Iowa Reading Information Service that provides a reading service to the blind. Wednesday night I had the opportunity to visit the IRIS studio in Des Moines and learn more about the program and tape a brief interview to be aired during their programs. I am greatly impressed with the efficiency of this organization and the care they give in serving the blind community in Iowa. Bills of Note SF 2201 - Child Kidnapping. This bill is a Senate version of a bill previously passed by the House. The Senate had not included the provision that denies earned reduction in sentence to persons convicted of murder, kidnapping, sexual abuse and other crimes against a child. The House added that provision back in. The case of Michael Klunder who murdered Kathlynn Shepard is the impetus for the House to insist on this provision. Klunder was released from prison 22 years before the end of his sentence of 41 years. Had this provision been in place in 2011, Klunder would still be in prison and Kathlynn Shepard would be alive today. SF 2228 - Minors School Permit Driving Distances - This bill allows a minor with a school permit to drive from their high school to another high school for extracurricular activities, but only under a sharing agreement between the minors high school and the minor. HF 2443 - Sales Tax Exemption for Manufacturing Supplies - This bill creates a sales tax exemption for certain supplies and replacement parts used in manufacturing, research and other activities. Currently sales tax would apply to consumables such as saw blades, drill bits, filters and other items that have a use in manufacturing but have a short useful life. This bill will help keep our manufacturers competitive with other states and countries. Iowa Juvenile Home Several of my constituents have expressed concerns over the care and maintenance of the Iowa Juvenile Home while it is closed. The budget for the coming fiscal year that starts July 1, 2014 contains funds to employ maintenance personnel for the grounds and buildings and to pay the other necessary bills. The House Government Oversight committee is also reviewing the status of the children that were removed from the IJH after the closure announcement and expect to report on that next week. Forums and Events The Marshalltown Chamber Forum scheduled for March 28 has been cancelled. In Closing As always, feel free to contact me with your thoughts and concerns about our state government. My contact information is 641-750-3594

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