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G-REA Initial Proposal By Marcy Knaack

February 28, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
Wednesday afternoon the Gladbrook-Reinbeck Education Association presented their initial proposal to the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School Board and proposed an overall total package increase of 2.11%. An increase of $200 to the base is proposed, making the base salary $32,900 for the 2014-15 school year. Schedule B would remain $4,900 less than the salary schedule base. The proposal acknowledges a 4% increase in health insurance costs to maintain full single coverage at current levels with the current provider. If the insurance comes in at less than 4%, the additional money would be applied to the base. Total cost of the proposal is $3,213,423, which is an increase of $66,265 over the current year. Currently unused sick leave is accumulated from year to year with a maximum of 105 days and make be used for the employee or their sick child (non-critical leave), bereavement leave, critical leave for employee family members and outpatient procedures for employee family members. When the employee retires at IPERS eligible age, the employee will be paid $25 for each day, accumulated up to 105 days. The G-REA is asking the number of days to be increased to 110 at a rate of $30 per day. The G-REA would also like to open discussion on Article XIII to simplify the wording of leave requested. The Gladbrook-Reinbeck School Board gave their counter proposal which shows the base salary to remain the same at $32,700 with Schedule B to follow the Schedule A base as current, by $4,900. The board proposed maintaining current language to reflect a maximum district expenditure of $495.85/month. Total cost of $296,851. The total package for FY14 is $3,147,158 and for FY14-15 would be $3,185,665 or an increase of $38,507. The percentage change would be 1.22% which includes lane and step increases. The board is interested in discussing assignments in the Schedule B-Extra Activities Provision, i.e. Special Assignments (High School Event Supervisor) and eliminating the 10% Athletic Director position. The board is willing to discuss sick leave and accumulative benefits as well as discussing Article XIII to simplify the wording of leave requests. Another meeting was not set at this time.


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