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Gladbrook City Council By Marcy Knaack

February 14, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
The Gladbrook City Council met for their regular meeting Monday evening and heard from John Clausen Trees Forever, who talked about the Emerald Ash borer and that it was recently found in Waterloo, Ia. He said 12% of the trees in Gladbrook are ash trees. Clausen had Mayor Keith Sash sign the Arbor Day Proclamation for April 25th. Mayor Sash urges everyone to celebrate Arbor Day and to support efforts to protect our trees and woodlands and urges all citizens to plant and care for trees. Mike Bearden updated the Council on the procedures of the bid opening and acceptance for the fire /ambulance building project. Bids will be opened Thursday afternoon, February 13th at 2 p.m. and the bid acceptance will be at a special meeting on Monday, February 17th at 6:30 p.m. The City of Gladbrook has been issued a new National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit by the IDNR and the permit includes mandated improvements to provide disinfection. Public Works Supt. Mark Lowry and CGA have worked with the IDNR to plan appropriate improvements acceptable to the IDNR and CGA has now presented an Engineering Services Agreement and has investigated possible funding for the lagoon improvement project. Bearden said that French-Reneker Engineering Services have been asked to assist Clapsaddle-Garber & Associates with the lagoon update which is non-compliant. Services to be provided by CGA and French-Reneker include project initiation and gathering and assembly of preliminary information; preliminary-determination of flows and loads; facility planning report-disinfection; facility planning report ā€“ additional hydraulic (flow) capacity and potential antidegradation analaysis. The last two items will only be performed if specifically authorized by the DNR. Fees charged by French-Reneker could be $40,800 if all steps are completed. Work on the lagoon should be completed by June, 2014. Bearden told the Council the consultant selection process for the Grand Street Bridgeand had a list of consultants to choose from. The DOT will fund 80% of the engineering and construction fees. Preliminary cost is $260,000. The Council approved Resolution 14-25 to pay invoice from Ament Design for $3,004.38 for services for preliminary and final design, bidding and construction for the fire/ambulance building project. A 28E agreement for a responding agreement between City of Waterloo and Gladbrook-Lincoln Ambulance Service was approved. $9,866.61 was transferred from the Water Tower/Main Improvement Capital Project to the Water Fund. The DNR mandated additional water plant improvements of shower, eye wash station and dehumidifier. Under the consent agenda, liquor licenses were renewed for R Jā€™s and Hometown Foods. Deputy Randall reported for Sheriff Dennis Kucera that there were 15 calls for service during the month of January and the deputies spent 119 hours within the city limits of Gladbrook. Additional claims were approved for CGA, Goos Implement and Alliant Energy. Dave Smith has been hired by the City to work part time, up to 25 hours per week. Bearden said there will be an open house at the Fitness Center Sunday, February 16th from 11 am ā€“ 1 p.m. The Fitness Center was closed a couple days this week for cleaning. Two new pieces of equipment will be added and the tread mills will be replaced. City Clerk Lori Bearden went over the 2014-15 budget with the Council and asked if they had any changes, to let her know by February 17th.



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