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Message From Our Mayor

February 7, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
I’m going to start this letter off with announcing the city has just hired much needed help for Mark Lowry. Dave Smith has been hired as a part time assistant to Mark. Dave lives with his wife Shari and daughter Carlee four miles east of Gladbrook on the old Budde farm. Dave started work last week reading water meters and already has bee plowing snow with the motor grader. Dave brings a lot of talent to the job. He has been around machinery all of his life and is a self employed carpenter. Dave is a hard worker and will be a great help to Mark Lowry. Hopefully, this will make it easier for Mark to take some much needed time off as Dave will be working 20 hours a week for the city. As I said earlier, Dave is a self employed carpenter. If some of you folks need something done, give Dave a call and maybe he can help you. I would recommend him to anyone. This last week has put our Fire and Ambulance crews to a test. They have had two head on collisions to respond to - one on Highway 63 with a car and semi at around 10:00PM.. Some of our firemen were on the scene for more than six hours with some of them getting home after 5:00AM. The second head on involved two cars at the water tower near C Ave. west of town. Both Fire and Ambulance departments were at the scene. This was last Saturday morning. Luckily, we had a lot of both squad members available as they were all needed. There were four fire trucks and both ambulances at the scene. This was a bad wreck and everyone’s help was needed. Marshalltown ambulance was also called and was used to help transport some of the injured. I took one fireman to the scene and helped direct traffic. I was close enough to watch these two squads in action and I was very impressed with how quick and careful they worked together in getting all three victims out of their cars safely. The Fire Department had the Jaws of Life and Port-Power to help in this type of accident and all personnel have been trained in how to use them. This was critical this time as both fire and ambulance worked together to free the victims under the direction of Fire Chief, Matt Koester. They used to Jaws to remove the top of the SUV and then with the Port-Power they pried the front part and dash forward to free the two people in the SUV. We, the people of Gladbrook, spend a lot of money for equipment and training for both departments but when you see them in action and see how critical it is in saving lives, I will guarantee it was money well spent. Two people were Life Lined to Des Moines and one stayed in Marshalltown hospital. They have a long road to recovery. Thank you to all of the Fire Ambulance volunteers for doing such a great job. These were just two calls the volunteers made this past week. I know there were several more. Now on a more pleasant note, the Gladbrook Fitness Center will be starting their 7th year with a membership open house on Sunday, February 16. We plan on having both the fitness center and the pool open that day. Come and see what we are doing. Here is a question for you. We have four treadmills at the center. What is your guess as to how many miles are on these machines since we have been open. The answer is 52,000 miles total with one machine having over 20,000 miles on it. These four machines are being traded off for new ones. The old ones are for sale on a first come basis or they will be traded in on the new ones. Also we are buying a new rowing machine and a new bicycle with a computer for open road racing with others. Looks like fun! The best part of all this is that it is being done with money already generated by the Fitness Center. This has been a very hard winter for keeping sidewalks clean and I thank all of those who are trying to keep up with the snow and ice. For those who have done nothing, the city is hiring theirs cleaned. This will cost the homeowner a minimum of $75.00 per hour. Thanks to everyone for working with us on this. In closing I would like to say that my mother’s 97th birthday is February 16. She would appreciate cards and hearing from her friends. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Keith Sash, Mayor



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