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Gladbrook Alive And Growing-Fire Station and Ambulance Building Fund Raising takes another jump thru the end of December and Tops $800,000

February 7, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
The new Fire Station and Ambulance Building project and the funding drive took another great jump the last few days of December. There were many year-end pledges and payments received for the project. We can report the project has over 280 contributions and pledges totaling over $805,000 toward the original project goal of $800,000. Thru the design phase of the project, several building enhancements have been incorporated into the project including finishing the meeting room and restrooms, providing easier fill stations for the fire trucks, incorporating zoned in-floor heating for the building, adding a showering facility for fire and ambulance personnel after an emergency call and providing better zoning of the building lighting system for energy efficiencies. Based on an updated project cost estimate from the architect, we have the funding needed for the basic building, but the building steering committee would like to add these enhancements to the project that will be much more cost effective to add now rather than later. The building steering committee would also like to add more parking and an emergency generator for the new building. The new generator would be located north of the new water tower and also be connected to the water tower so it can all function during a power outage. These enhancements have been added to the project as bid alternates. The total project with these enhancements is estimated at $954,000 so we still need approximately $149,000 to be able to complete everything in 2014. It is estimated that to incorporate these enhancements later would cost an additional $50,000 so there is great incentive to do them as part of the project in 2014. The community support for this project has been tremendous and raising over $800,000 since June is amazing but it is the Gladbrook way of building community resources for future generations to utilize. Several individuals have said if you need more money, please just ask, so we are asking for your continued support. The city will be accepting construction bids for the project on February 13th at which time we will have solid final numbers and then decide which alternates can be accepted for 2014. We are well on our way to develop another reason to live and invest in the Gladbrook Community. All donors will be recognized in the Gladbrook City Centre. With a continued successful fund drive, it is anticipated that construction will begin in the spring of 2014 with the building enclosed by fall 2014 and occupied by Christmas 2014. This is approximately three months ahead of our original schedule. Please note the accelerated schedule is based on great community support so far. We just need to finish the fund raising campaign, with your help. Pledge forms can be picked up at Gladbrook City Hall. The project is accepting multiyear pledges with payments in December 2014 and January 2015. All contributions will go through the Gladbrook Community Foundation and are tax deductible. If you have any questions regarding the project contact any of the Gladbrook Firemen or Mayor Keith Sash.


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