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GMG Journalism Class

February 7, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
GMG Girls Basketball vs. Northeast Hamilton By: Gage Fraser On January 21, 2014, the GMG Girls Basketball Team went on the road to Blairsburg to play the Northeast Hamilton Trojans. Junior Olivia Barritt and Senior Caitlin Appelgate lead the Wolverines in points that night. Barritt with 13 and Appelgate with 11. In the first quarter, the Wolverines scored 12 points and Northeast Hamilton with only 3. Second quarter the girls scored 9 and the Trojans made 5. Third quarter GMG scored 11 points and Northeast Hamilton 4. The final score of the game was 45 to 15 and GMG was the victor. The Wolverines played a good hard solid game that night. Watch the girls in action again as they play on January 31, at Waterloo Christian.

GMG Girls Face Dunkerton Riley Santry On January 17, 2014 the GMG Wolverines played Dunkerton at Dunkerton. Dunkerton defeated GMG 55-25. Olivia Barritt had a team high of 16 points, and also had the team high with 14 rebounds. Mikaella Koester had 4 steals. It was a tough evening for the lady Wolverines, but GMG played a hard fought game. Unfortunately, they couldn’t pull off the win.

Safe Winter Driving by Michele Teube When driving in the winter you must be more alert. Try to stay home when the weather is bad, but if you must go somewhere always watch out for icy spots. Also, watch for other cars that might not be able to stop in time because of bad road conditions. If you go out when the roads are bad, make sure you have a winter survival kit in the car. Other things you will want to have in the car are blankets, food, and water. Always remember to leave early, you want plenty of time to get to where you are going since you will need to drive slower if the roads are bad. Just remember, safety first! Slow down and be cautious!

GMG Blood Drive by Nathan Swaim The GMG High School is hosting a blood drive again this year. This blood drive is hosted by the GMG anatomy class. The day of this event will be on March 14 on a Friday. So, save the date! If any of you folks are interested in giving blood or saving lives, contact Mark Samek at 641-499-2005. You may also email him, if that is more convenient, at

Save the Date March 21st and the 22nd By: Laura Boone The GMG Vocal Music Department presents Beauty and the Beast Directed by: The cast: Beauty: Jennifer B. Beast: Noah T. Maurice: Chris L. Gaston: Dillon S. LeFou: Caitlin A. Monsieur D’ Arque: Jasmine D. Cogsworth: Taylor J. Lumiere: Jeff H. Babette: Summer L. Mrs. Potts: Mackenzie B. Chip: Ella G. Madame De La Grande Bouche: Kenna K. Silly Girls: Nina S.; Chandler K.; Megan S.; Riley S.; Bookkeeper: Isaiah Narrator: Bree R.

GMG vs Dunkerton Girls Basketball by Luke Petty The GMG girls basketball team traveled to Dunkerton on January 17. Both teams played hard, but Dunkerton came out on top. Dunkerton won 55-25. Olivia Barritt scored a team high 16 points. Olivia Barritt also led the team with 14 rebounds. Mikaella Koster led the team with 4 steals. It was a tough game for the Wolverines, but they are continuously improving on their basketball skills.

GMG Boys - G-R Boys 7th grade game By: Lexie Curry On January 28, 2014 GMG 7th grade boys played Gladbrook-Reinbeck at Gladbrook. It was a tough game of 30-18. G-R boys took the game. They all played a long hard game and never gave up. Congratulations to the G-R boys and better luck next time GMG boys. Keep up the good playing.

GMG (5-12) vs. Waterloo Christian (7-9) Girl’s Basketball By Austin Vaughn Waterloo Christian hosted the GMG Wolverines on Friday, January 31st. The Wolverines held the lead throughout the whole game. GMG finished the Regents off, winning 44-34. Katie Airey hit a half court shot to end the first half, and kept the momentum going for the Wolverines! GMG’s leading scorers were Olivia Barritt with 17, and Caitlin Appelgate with 8. The leading rebounders were Caitlin and Olivia as well. They both had 10 plus rebounds. Katie Airey shot perfect from behind the three point line. It was another great conference win for the girls!

Girls Regional Basketball by: Tristan Zoffka On Thursday, February 13, the girls regional basketball game will be held at home. The Lady Wolverines will be playing against Waterloo Christian at 7:00 p.m. Everyone should come out and enjoy some basketball. Come support the girls, Thursday night!

Buy Your GMG Wrist Bands by Michael Dirks Buy an GMG Art Club wrist band! The GMG wrist bands are from the art club to pay for a trip to Chicago. The bands are black and blue. They are two dollars. If you would like one, you can either talk to any of the art club members or Mrs. Johnson, the GMG Art Teacher. They will be on sale on Friday during the home game on Feb. 7th. They are being sold from now till the last day of school. Also during the Friday game, they are having a bake sale, and they are also gonna be doing face paint that night.

8th grade Basketball VS. North Tama by Laura Boone The 8th grade boys of GMG played North Tama in Traer on January 23, 2014. They won the game 48-21, and it was their first win of the season. The boys played an awesome game. It is fun to watch these young men be victorious!

Parent-Teacher Conferences by Nathan Swaim The conferences that were originally scheduled on the 14th of February is now on the 13th. Conferences will be held from 4-8pm at the high school. Stop in the office and grab a copy of your student’s report card. Please come so your teachers can tell you how great your child is doing in his/her classes.

GMG Boys Basketball vs. Clarksville By: Gage Fraser On January 18, the GMG boys basketball team played at home against the Clarksville Indians. The starters were seniors Chad Plaehn, Luke Petty, Austin Vaughn, Brock Fisher, and junior Bridger Claassen. The top scorers of the game were Chad Plaehn with 10, Luke Petty with 12, and Brock Fisher leading with 13. First quarter GMG scored 29 points and Clarksville with 5. The second quarter GMG scored 22 and Clarksville with 2. Third quarter GMG scored 6 and Clarksville with 8. Fourth quarter GMG scored 7 and Clarksville with 9. GMG won the game with a score of 64 to 24. The boys will be back in action on February 4, in Garwin, and it will be a conference match up against Colo-Nesco.

Meskwaki Vs GMG Varsity Girls by Riley Santry On January 28, Meskwaki versed the GMG Wolverines. The Wolverines won with a final score of 48-45. On GMG team starters were Mikaella Koster who scored 8 points, Caitlin Appelgate who scored 4 points, Olivia Barritt who scored 24 points, Codi Groth, and Peyton Mannan who scored 5 points.It was a close game, but GMG captured the victory! Good job, Wolverines, for another magnificent win!

GMG - Colo-Nesco 7th grade boys basketball Lexie Curry On January 13, 2014 the GMG 7th grade boys played Colo-Nesco at Colo. The score was 37-17, and the GMG boys stole the game. They all played a tough game and definitely earned their win. As for Colo-Nesco better luck next time. Great Job, boys!!

Jazz Band Competiton by Tabytha Teube On Thursday, January 30, GMG attended the Iowa High School Music Association Jazz Festival. It was held at the Marshalltown High School. The following students performed in front of three judges. (Dillon Slingluff, Codi Groth, Jenny Borota, Kenna Krier, Tyler Krull, Alec Bovenmyer, Peyton Mannan, Matt Carlon, Jeff Hughes, Mackenzie Burt, Olivia Barritt, Caitlin Appelgate, Chandler Kendall, Bryce Newcomb, and Ryan Spurlin. The judges gave us a written and oral comments than had a clinic. The band received a I rating from all three judges. The scale is a I rating for a superior performance to a V for a poor performance. All the judges gave very positive comments ,and they all agreed that our jazz band has a nice sound, good intonation, and plays very well. Congrats to the GMG Jazz Band and Mr. Lastovka on their I ratings!

GMG at North Tama by Tyson Strayer North Tama defeated GMG in Traer on January 7th by a score of 44-35. Paul Kaufmann (JR, North Tama) had a career day, scoring a game high 33 points. Chad Plaehn (SR, GMG) scored a team high 12 points. It was a tough evening for the Wolverines. We are hopeful the boys are showing momentum, and are looking forward to seeing them in tournament play.

8th Grade boys at Meskwaki By: Tyler Thurston On January 20, the GMG 8th grade basketball boys traveled to Meskwaki. The final score was 50-25, with Meskwaki winning the game. The GMG boys have been improving throughout the season. Meskwaki was a tough match up for the boys. Although they lost, it was an experience that will no doubt improve them.

GMG at G-R boys 8th Grade by: Tyson Strayer The GMG boys 8th grade basketball team played Gladbrook Reinbeck on January 28th. The game was held in Gladbrook and G-R won by a score of 47-11. It was not the result GMG was looking for, but they hope to rebound from the loss and come back better than before.

8th Grade boys at Colo-Nesco By: Tyler Thurston on January 13, the 8th grade GMG basketball boys travelled to Colo-Nesco. The GMG boys played hard, but Colo-Nesco pushed through with the victory. The score ended at 31 to 13. The GMG boys are going to practice hard and improve.

Boys Against Meskwaki By: Michele Teube GMG boys had a tough game against Meskwaki Settlement School on January 28. Bridger Claassen and Austin Vaughn scored the most points for GMG. Bridger Claassen scored 22 points and Austin Vaughn scored 11. It ended with GMG having 59 points and Meskwaki having 67 points. It was a struggle for the Wolverines, but they played their hardest. We are looking forward to some great play in the future from the GMG boys!



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