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Pastor’s Corner Rev. Carol Kress, pastor, Gladbrook United Methodist Church Gladbrook, Iowa-Pockets of Peace

January 17, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
Scripture: John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” We’re planning ahead in the church offices. Marcy is going out of town and she wants to work as far ahead as she can. She thinks that by doing so, her desk won’t be piled full upon her return. At times Marcy can be a wishful thinker. One thing she’s asking me to help her complete is the February church calendar. As I filled it out I thought of how it is the shortest month of the year. But it is not the quietest month. Everything typically scheduled into 31 days is condensed into 28 instead. So fasten your seat belt and put on your safety helmet because we are going on a fast ride. My ordinary plan is to set aside at least one day each month to spend in reflection and prayer. Through that time I seek the greater, deeper mission and purpose of the church and my place in it. Since my mother’s cancer diagnosis in November, identifying these blocks of time is a greater challenge. Instead of holding to my plan I’m just catching time whenever I can. In the adjustment to a faster pace it’s easy to go off-balance or to lose my focus. This change in my life has given me greater sensitivity for families in our church and community that are constantly on-the-go. Some of our families have share with me the mad pace they maintain speeding between jobs and school activities and 4-H and dance classes and agency activities and church ministries and countless other projects. My heart goes out to everyone who feels over-scheduled and constantly tired. Let me invite you to look for pockets of peace amidst the chaos of your life. If the month does not contain opportunity to block off 4 to 6 hours for prayer and reflection, perhaps there is just one hour here and there. Or, there may be a few minutes here or there to center ourselves in God. Turn off the radio or television and take time for a few cleansing, prayerful breaths. Turn onto prayer while driving the road. Use the time offered to you behind a closed door. Or, allow your thoughts to turn to God while engaged in an activity that doesn’t take full concentration, such as sweeping a floor, scooping snow, or while on the tread mill. Simply place yourself in the presence of God with no expectations. God might offer some good thoughts, images or remind you of words of wisdom that will prove their worth. Used wisely those little pockets of peace will prove their value. Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for being there whenever we come to you in prayer. And thank you for praying for us even when we do not know how to pray for the people we love or even how to pray for ourselves. It is good any time that we can quiet our hearts and bodies enough to sense your presence is a good thing. Because in your presence we find true peace. Amen


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