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Tama Co. Board of Supervisors by Joyce Wiese

January 10, 2014
Northern-Sun Print
An organizational meeting was held by the Tama County Board of Supervisors Thursday morning. Dan Anderson, Tama, was elected as chairman of the supervisors for 2014 and Larry Vest, Traer, was elected as vice-chairman for the 2014 year. Tama County Auditor Laura Kopsa was authorized to pay postage, express freight, wages and salaries prior to being audited by the Board of Supervisors. Also Auditor Kopsa was authorized to pay all claims as signed by a majority of the Board of Supervisors for the 2014 year. The Tama News Herald and The Traer Star Clipper were designated as official newspapers for Tama County for the year 2014. A resolution was passed concerning the Secondary Road department. This states that the Agency having jurisdiction and control over any highway in the state, or the chief engineer of said agency when delegated by the agency, may temporarily close sections of a highway by formal resolution entered upon the minutes of such an agency when reasonably necessary because of construction, reconstruction, maintenance or natural disaster and can cause ROAD CLOSED signs to be erected and partial or total barricades in the roadway at each end of the closed highway section and on the closed highway where the highway is intersected by other highways if the intersection is to remain open. Any numbered road closed for over forty-eight hours must have a detour route designated. The agency having jurisdiction over a section of highway closed in accordance with these provisions, or the persons or contractors employed to carry out the construction, reconstruction or maintenance of the closed section of highway, will not be liable for any damages to any vehicle that enters the closed section of highway or the contents of such vehicle or for any injuries to any person that enters the closed section of highway, unless the damages are caused by gross negligence of the agency or contractor. The County Engineer will be authorized to close Tama County Secondary Roads as necessary with the actual dates of closure to be determined by the County Engineer for construction, any project as described in the approved Tama County Secondary Road Construction Program for the year 2014 and any approved supplements. Also for any Emergency Closure of any road for maintenance purposes for any route deemed necessary by the county engineer. The following banks are designated as depositories for 2014 for the offices of the County Auditor for $20,000, the County Recorder for $125,000 and the County Sheriff for $200,000, all at the State Bank of Toledo. The County Sheriff has also been designated to use the Farmer’s Savings Bank, Traer and the Great Western Bank of Gladbrook, both for $10,000. Lincoln Savings Bank has been designated for $25,000 by the County Sheriff. The County Treasure is authorized to deposit county funds in the following banks and the amount designated. Iowa Public Agency Investment Trust of Des Moines for $3,000,000—State Bank of Toledo for $12,000,000,-- Dysart State Bank, Dysart, for $2,000,000,--Chelsea Savings Bank at Clutier, Traer and Belle Plaine for $2,000,000—Lincoln Savings Bank, Tama, for $13,000,000—Great Western Bank, Gladbrook for $3,000,000 and United Bank and Trust, Marshalltown for $3,000,000. The new Chairman , Dan Anderson, made the following appointments for 2014. County Buildings including the Care Facility, the Tama County Economic Develop Commission, Tama County Mental Health Board and the Land Fill Commission by the entire board. Decat Executive Board (DHS) and DHS Advisory Board, Livestock Evaluation, 6th Judicial District and SATUCI, all Dan Anderson County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), Farm Administration, County Farm Rental, Heartland Insurance Alternate Trustee, Northeast Iowa Response Group (NIRG), Tama County Day Care (dba Kids Corner Daycare, Inc.) Alternate for Board of Health Services, alternate for Livestock Evaluation, Alternate for Early Childhood Iowa (County Auditor as Fiscal Agent), R.C. and D Commission (DNR and US Fish and Wildlife, Region VI Planning Commission, Workforce Development, Local Emergency Planning Committee, and alternate for County Social Services Region, Central Iowa Juvenile Detention all for Kendall Jordan. Larry Vest was appointed for Early Childhood Iowa, Board of Health Services, Health Insurance Advisory Group, Health Insurance Contact Person for Insurance Information, County Trustee for the Heartland Risk Pool, Central Iowa Juvenile Detention, the Local Emergency Planning Committee, and the County Social Services Region. Dirk Henle, County Maintenance Supervisor was appointed to Safety Coordinator-Risk Pool Insurance and ADA Coordinator. Lyle Brehm, County Engineer, was appointed as Safety Coordinator - Risk Pool Insurance. Susan Jones was appointed as Heartland Insurance Coordinator. Lyle Brehm reappointed as County Engineer, Todd Rickert reappointed as CPC (Central Point Coordinator), Dr. Dennis Mallory, D.O. as Medical Examiner, Michael McCune, M.D. as Deputy Medical Examiner. Medical Examiner Investigators appointed were Brian Ellenbecker, Deputy Sheriff, Greg Johnson, Toledo EMS, Craig Karr, Meskwaki Police Department, John Carr, Tama Police Department, Bruce McEltree and DalLynn McEltree. Relief Director and Veterans Affairs will again be Elizabeth Ledvina. Dirk Henle was reappointed as Weed Commissioner. Holidays when county offices will be closed for the year 2014 include Presidents Day, Monday, February 17, Good Friday, Friday, April 18, Memorial Day on Monday, May 26, July 4 on a Friday, Labor Day on Monday, September 1, Veterans Day on Tuesday, November 11, Thanksgiving day and the day after, November 27 and 28, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, December 24 and 25, and New Years Day, January 1 of 2015. The Tama County Compensation Commission for Condemnation Proceedings require 28 residents divided into four areas. Those appointed for Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Sales Persons, include Mike Wedmore and Luann Kithcart from Tama, Harlan Dirks, Jason Lekin, David Dirks, Byron Witt and Rob Wobeter all of Toledo, Jamie Howard of Traer, Julie Elliott of Dysart, and Ardene Cross of Clutier. Farm Owner Operators include Judy Wendel and Mark Volkens of Gladbrook, Carl Wagner and LeRoy Hoskey of Chelsea, Roger Ferriss of Toledo, Rod Richardson and Wayne Wilcox of Tama, Barry Ewoldt of Traer, Dave Bacon of Garwin and Richard Krafka of Dysart. Owners of Town Property include Jay Whannel of Traer, Larry Frese of Chelsea, Rita Cranston of Dysart, Charles Bearden of Gladbrook, Elmer Chalupsky of Elbleron, Joe Boll, Gaylan Musgrave and Chester Bearden of Toledo. This division is short two members yet to be appointed. People with knowledge of real estate values include Loren Lorenzen of Traer, Angie Kunch of Garwin, Rick Krug and Kevin Eicamp of Dysart, Wayne Gray of Tama, Steve Baumeier of Gladbrook, and Ken Carson, Jake Jacobson, Randy VanDyk , Stan Upah all of Toledo. Resolution #1-2-2014C was approved which sets out a procedure if a board of supervisors wishes to adopt a “construction evaluation resolution” relating to the construction of a confinement feeding operation structure. It reads as follows. Only counties that have adopted a construction evaluation resolution can submit to the Department of Natural Resources an adopted recommendation to approve or disapprove a construction permit application regarding a proposed confinement feeding operation structure. Only counties that have adopted a construction evaluation resolution and submitted an adopted recommendation may contest the DNR’s decision regarding a specific application. By adopting a construction evaluation resolution the board of supervisors agree to evaluate every construction permit application for a proposed confinement feeding operation structure received by the board of supervisors between February 1, 2014 and January 31, 2015, and submit an adopted recommendation regarding that application to the DNR. The Board of Supervisors must conduct an evaluation of every construction permit application using the master matrix created in Iowa Code, section 459.305, but the board’s recommendation to the DNR may be based on the final score on the master matrix or may be based on reasons other than the final score on the master matrix. Ellen Graff was appointed to the Tama County Conservation Board, and will be replacing Lana McCool whose term was ended on December 31, 2013. The county supervisors voted to accept the county department heads appointments of staff in their offices. Michelle Yuska, County Treasurer, told supervisors Shirley Ridpath , in the treasurer’s office , retired on December 31, 2013 and Pat Allen will now be an assistant in the Motor Vehicle department.


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