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Letters to Santa

December 26, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
My good friend Santa Claus was gracious enough to send along to me the wonderful letters he received from the children of our community. He hopes you enjoy them as much as he, Mrs. Claus and all Santa’s Elves.

Dear Santa, How are you? Have you been getting a lot of letters? I have been pretty good. I would like you to bring me a ….Twister Rave, Lego Friends, Puppy, Alarm Clock, Crayon Master Works, Art case, Password journal, Furby Boom, Littlest Pet Shop, Pogo Stick, Teen Beach movie, Melt’n Mold Factory, Orbeez, Easy Bake Oven, Scrambble. Merry Christmas Love, Kloie Hendricks

Dear Santa, I would like an Elf on the Shelf Thank you, Joss Warnell

Dear Santa, I have not been good all the time but I will improve. For Christmas I want a football, basketball, tractors and animals. Love, Liam Stephenson

Dear Santa, I have been good. For Christmas I would like Batcave, Zoomer Robot Dog, Legos, Melt’n mold Factory, Air Hog Ball, TMNT guys, Turbo DVD, Delspicable Me 2 DVD, camera, and a Lite Brite. Love, Drayson Stephenson

1.Trappoline 2.Crayon molder 3. Marker Maker 4. Cotton Candy Maker 5. New Super Maro Brothers CD games 6. Easy bake 7. Baby dog for dad’s house 8. New Bed 9. Wii games: Wheel of Fortune and Wipe Out 10. Rubber band maker with glow in the dark rubber bands If you can . Madisyn Eggers

Dear Santa, I have been a good boy this year. I helped take care of my sister and my mom and when she broke her arm. For Christmas I would like a glow up pillow and a burn out bike. Can you bring my sister a teddy bear. I will leave you milk and cookies. Love, Caleb Ferch

Dear Santa Claus, I have been really good this year. I would like a Toy Turtle Crane, Plane, Action Figures, Jet, and Bulldozer. Love, Braxton

I’ve tried to be a good boy this year. How has your year been? Mine has been good and I think I have been good enough to get some presents. Lego/Starwars Aliens Monster Trucks Army guys Cars/Police car Fire truck Ninja turtles Dream Light Kaleb Mehaffy

I’ve tried to be a good girl this year. How is your year going? Mine is good. I think I have been good enough to get some presents American girl dolls Baby Alive Baby doll Barbies/camper set Barbie car Barbies CD/ the Grinch Clothes Hot Hues Tent Music/ One Direction Love, Savanna Mehaffy

Dear Santa, I really want Mario Cart the DS game and a My Life doll. I think my mom wants a popcorn machine and my dad wants family time and Gage, he probably won’t write but I like what ever you get me because you’re the best!! Love, Emma McClintock

Dear Santa, I want Ninja Turtle Legos with Splinter, Shredder, and a pigeon, and a Ninja Turtle house. I would like NingJago Legos with a robot in the bad side. And, I would like a train track with a show that we watch (like with a blue, red, and green train, and the track goes down.) And I want spinjitzu and Legos of chima pajamas. I also want a police set of Legos. I want to see the reindeer. I also want a monster truck, ornaments for the tree, and more toys. I have been a good boy this year. Love, Mason Fogt

Dear Santa, Let me have a helicopter with wheels that drop. I have been a really good boy and O want to see the reindeer. Oh yeah, I also want a Ninja turtle house with a pigeon, and all the Ninja Turtles and Splinter. I also want April. That’s it! Love, Rylan Fogt

Dear Santa, I have been good this year because I help people. All I want for Christmas is an Xbox or a Wii, Just Dance Game, sports games, the wipe out, baby clothes. Sincerely, Stella Betts

Dear Santa, I hope you get here fast. I’m sorry I’ve been naughty but I want toys. Did our Elf, Eddie Krinklebottom, lose his magic powers? If he did, can you put him in a hospital bed? I really like you. Love, Parker

Dear Santa, I have been very good when I’m not being naughty. Everyone calls me EF5 because I’m really good at getting out ALL of me and Parker’s toys! Maybe you could bring me a new digger so I can load all of them up?! Love, Bennett

Dear Santa, This not is for you. How are your elfs? Are they good? How are your reindeer? Are they good? How have you been? Tell everybody have a Merry Christmas. I want a real dog. I want some Beyblades. I want tree birds and frozen. I want a tiny car. I want a spy kite. I want all air hogs. I want some stuffed animals. Merry Chistmas Santa. Landyn Brubaker

Dear Santa, How is Rudolph? I like your reindeer. Have I been good this year. I would like a dog, Sohia, the First Stuff, Sponge Bob, Doc McStuffins, and hig heels. Jewelry and Merida doll. Love, Ryanne Brubaker

Dear Santa How are the reindeer? I would like Monster High dolls, more stuff for my life doll, and it’s a hairstyles, Play Doh! Ice cream maker, dress up clothes, high heels, tiara, Full House series, popmaker. Love, Kylie

Dear Santa, My name is Carlee. I am 3 years old. I have been a very good girl this year. Could you please bring me a Jasmine bath pony that changes colors. Also I really like Secret of the Wings so could I have that movie and a Tinkerbell and Periwinkle doll? I love music and dancing but our sterio is very old and scratchy, could you please bring a new one for me and mama? I will leave your favorite cookies and milk out. We will leave oats for the reindeer again. They sure made a mess last year!! Merry Christmas, Santa! Love, Carlee Smith

Dear Santa, I have really really tried to be good this year. What I want for Christmas is a Lego Friends and a princess dress up. I would also like a cow girl hat and some cowgirl boots. I also need some clothes and some Barbies. I will leave you some milk and cookies and will leave some food fro your reindeer. Thank you very much. P.S. could you please bring a bone for my dog. She’s been good too. Love, Rexanna Millard

Dear Santa, I know you keep a great big list of who is naughty and who is nice. I’m on the nice list because I’ve been really good this year. My room is really clean, and I almost always made my bed. I tried to do all my chores, and I did my homework before I played, watched TV or went on the computer. Please come to my house on Christmas Eve and bring me: 1. flash light friend 2. orbezz 3. stompezz 4. monster high and my brother would like: 1. fruit snacks 2. Tomas You and all the elves are the best. Thanks for making all the kids around the world so happy at Christmas. Love, Ella and Cael Carlson

Dear Santa, Me and my sister have been very good this year. I like playing nice with my toys I received last year as gifts and I like sharing with Quinn. I try to listen to mommy and daddy but sometimes I like to be myself and not listen very good. I try to help mommy and daddy with Quinn the best I can. I am good at helping her but her shoes on and teaching her to play nice with me and the animals., she like to hug them! Quinn has been good too! She has gotten really good at using the potty and wakes up dry in the morning too. Quinn is also good at eating all her food (and helping me finish too!) She likes sharing her toys with me too, when I ask nicely. If your elves aren’t too busy maybe they could make me and Quinn some new toys! I’d really like a hours that is pink and a work out movie like mommy does, the princess horses and castle and a pink car. I can put in my pocket and take with me . Quinn isn’t picky, but she loves blankets and babies and all animals! P.S. There will be cookies for you and donuts for your elves at my house! Please don’t forget to stop by! Thank you Love, Sawyer Thede

Dear Santa, I want a dune buggy for Christmas. Signed, Jayden S.

Dear Santa, I want the wrestler batista and Dolf Zingger. I think I have been good. Tell the reindeer hi. Thank you for the elf. Love, Brock Drew

Dear Santa, I would like a Barbie. Cully wants Thomas. Lucy would like treats. Thank you, Addi Elmore

Dear Santa, I would like a watch for Christmas and goodies in my stocking and also some summer sausage. I have been a good boy this year because I really want to get my watch this year and I do not want coal. I like being good because when I am good, good things will happen. Love, Brandon Drew

Dear Santha, How are your reindeer and how are you? I would like a new bike that is purple, trampoline with a net, Furby boom that is pink and green, the Lego friends house, Nerf rebel and some candy. Love, Adelyn Sienknecht

Dear Santa, How is the North Pole? I have been good this year and try not to fight with my sister too much. I would like a pumpkin because dad threw mine away in the ditch. I also would like a bike, a TV, and a trampoline. I hope you have a safe trip Christmas Eve. Oh! Almost forgot, I LOVE candy!!! Love, Alaney Sienknecht

Dear Santa, I have been very good when I’m not being naughty

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