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Exclusive - Santa Claus interview

December 23, 2013
By: Betty Dahms , Northern-Sun Print

As we all know, at Christmas Santa Claus is one busy man. There are so many houses to leave presents at and so many cookies to eat that Santa usually doesn't have time to stop and chat with the local newspaper, but Santa gave the perfect Christmas present to the Northern-Sun Print when he stopped by one day for an exclusive interview.

Norther-Sun: Thank you so much for stopping by during the busiest time of the year Santa.

Santa Clause: Ho-ho-ho! There are so many good boys and girls that wrote some wonderful letters to me and read this paper that I had to stop and say hello. Are there any cookies?

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N-S: Sure, right here. And some milk.

SC: Thank you.

N-S: So Santa, the question on everyone's mind is how do you find the time to visit all the houses on Christmas Eve?

SC: A lot of people ask me that question, and I can only explain it like this: When you are waiting for something important to happen, doesn't the time feel like it goes slower than it normal?

N-S: Yes it sure does.

SC: And when you are having fun, doesn't the time feel like it goes faster than normal?

N-S: Yes.

SC: When all the good boys and girls are waiting for their presents, time slows down and there is more of it. For me, I am having so much fun bringing them presents, my time speeds up so I can work fast and get to all the children's houses.

N-S: I never thought about it like that Santa, but how do you fit down the chimney? Or what happens if a house doesn't have a chimney?

SC: Ho-ho-ho! You need not worry about things like that! What matters is Christmas is a magical time where many special things happen. Sometime they are so special they can't be explained.

N-S: I see your point Santa. Would you like another cookie?

SC: Of course! Ho-ho-ho!

N-S: So how are the reindeer doing these days?

SC: Oh they are great. They spend the whole year getting ready for Christmas Eve, so after the children are asleep and we start, they are a little nervous. But every year they fly straight and true. I couldn't ask for a better team of reindeer.

N-S: And Rudolph? How is he?

SC: His nose is brighter than ever. He has also started making sure that all the reindeer get to play in all the reindeer games, regardless if your body parts light up or not. Every reindeer is special and every boy and girl is special.

N-S: Santa, how can I become an elf and work with you at the North Pole?

SC: Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! Then who would interview me for the paper? The elves like making toys, the children like receiving them and I like delivering them. We have a perfect system! You need to stay here and do the work that you like to do. By the way, are there more cookies?

N-S: Sure Santa. Here you go. Wow, I just can't believe that you stopped by. I think that a lot of boys and girls are going to be jealous of me.

SC: Ho-ho-ho! You can just tell them that I know each and every one of them and I love them all. Every time they write me a letter my heart is warm. It makes me happy every time they sing loud. And every time they eat their vegetables and finish their homework, I am very proud of them.

N-S: This is a tough question Santa, but are there many boys and girls on the naughty list out there?

SC: Well, there are always some, but let me say that it is never too late to get on the nice list. There is always time to be nice. It makes me so happy when children are nice. It makes me and the elves feel very good.

N-S: Santa, I know you should get going soon, so do you have anything else you would like to tell the people out there reading?

SC: Merry Christmas! Ho-ho-ho!

N-S: Thank you Santa.

SC: Thank you. Could I get a cookie for the road?



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