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Christmas Traditions By: Shelby Yates

December 20, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
We asked the students at GR High School to share with us some of their favorite, interesting, and/or unique Christmas traditions! Here’s some of the student responses (all are anonymous): “My family goes out on Christmas Eve and look at the Christmas lights around the town.” “I usually spend the week before Christmas at my mom’s house. During Christmas, I’m at my dad’s house.” “Making Christmas candies with my grandma and caroling in her neighborhood in Waterloo.” “Ugly sweater contest, ugly pajamas contest, and white trash Christmas.” “My mom makes monkey bread every year on Christmas day before we open presents.” “Every Christmas Eve we go look at Christmas lights while Santa comes to our house.” “My sisters and I watch old VHS Christmas tapes all day long on Christmas Eve.” “I wake my parents up on Christmas morning and we all open stockings together, even the dogs!” “Cookie day with my family.” “Head banging to screamo jingle bells.” “Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. We just gather at our grandma’s house, and do the classic eating dinner and opening gifts.” “Eat prime rib.” “We have an ornament that looks like a pickle that we put on our tree every year. Someone hides it somewhere on the tree, and everyone else tries to find it. Whoever is the first to find it gets a gift as a prize.” “We used to have model car races between the families and we would all design our own cars. It was a ton of fun! We also do a gift exchange that is a lot of fun!” “We do a gift exchange. You draw a number and that is the order you go in to pick out your gift. If it’s your turn, you can steal someone else’s gift and that person has to get a different gift. Everyone buys a really cool gift like games, gag gift, blankets, etc. It’s really fun!” “On Christmas Eve, my sibling and I always receive pajamas. That is only until you are married. Now it is just my brother and I.” “We play the ‘gold brick gift exchange’ where everyone brings in tons of small gifts that get poured into a pile in the middle of the circle. Everyone takes turns rolling a dice and every time you get a specific number (say 7, for instance) you can chose a gift from the circle. This goes on until all the gifts are claimed. Then, someone brings out the gold brick that contains a special, bigger prize. This is a speed round where everyone gets to roll again and if you role the specific number, you get the gold brick. If someone rolls the specific number after you’ve gotten the golden brick in your possession, they can steal it. It’s a really unique tradition and tons of fun for everyone!” Aren’t some of those traditions really cool? We hope you were inspired by some of the special ways our high schoolers and their families celebrate Christmas! What unique and interesting Christmas traditions does your family do during the holiday season?


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