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Message From Our Mayor

December 13, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
Hope that everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and got full of turkey. Monday night’s council meeting will be the last one for Sam Goos. With Sam’s work schedule he was finding it harder to make council meetings so Sam decided not to seek reelection. Sam has been a good council member and will be missed. Thank you, Sam, for your dedication to our town. A couple of weeks ago Glen Lage asked me what I was going to do to improve Gladbrook now that I was reelected. I think I have found a way to solve all of Gladbrook’s problems. I am going to raise the city’s debt limit from $10 million to $100 million. This should go a long way in our town. First, I will replace all the streets in town with pavement and curb and gutter. While doing this we will replace all the city storm sewers, water lines and sanitary sewers. Then we’ll give everyone beautiful streets to live on and we’ll be trouble free for the next 50 plus years. Secondly, I’m going to totally make over Main Street with all new store fronts and I will build new buildings to fill in the vacant spots on the north side of the street. I don’t know what they will be used for but it will look nice and what difference does it make. Third, we will be putting street lights on every corner making our town safer and nicer looking. Fourth, Angie Handorf Lookinbill told me that the traffic was so busy the night of the Women’s Club Holiday Happenings that she couldn’t get into town on time and thought that we needed stop lights so I will put them up somewhere because she comes from a very good family and I need their support in the 2016 election. Fifth, as always the DNR is telling us we need to upgrade the lagoon. We might as well do that now before they change their mind and want something different. Sixth, I will be tearing down the old houses and replacing them with new ones. Someone will use them. I’m spending too much money and I’m getting close to my $100 million debt limit and in order to pay our bills and keep from going broke, I’m going to raise the debt limit another $50 million. What difference does it make how far we’re in debt – that’s just a figure. It won’t affect us. The next generation can pay it off. In our long range plans we will build a new swimming pool and a golf course with a country club (maybe in the next five years). With all the new improvement to our town, I am going to hire ten new employees. We might not need them but they will look good driving around in their new pickups. With all that will be going on in town, the council will have a lot more responsibility and be spending more time managing the town and doing what’s best for those who elected them so I’m going to raise their salaries to $100,000. This will help get the best people for the job. Along with this salary increase they will receive the best full coverage health insurance possible and an automatic 5% raise every year. The salary and automatic raise will go on as long as they live with full health insurance. Sam Goos said he would like free haircuts too but I said that was crazy. If this program doesn’t work it will be the fault of our former mayor, Tim Hendricks, as I didn’t know what they were doing. That is enough of this bull hockey and I have to quit before Lori has a heart attack. Needless to say, your city council has a lot more common sense than to let any part of the above letter happen. Too bad our US Congress in both parties doesn’t. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year from Jo and myself.

Keith Sash, Mayor



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