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Alpha Study Celebrates 100 years-THE NEXT 25 YEARS

December 13, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
The December after the 25th Anniversary Party, Alpha Study enjoyed the Christmas season with a delicious three course luncheon at the home of Mrs. Harry Foster. During the following years some of the programs were “The Real Cost is not the Purchase Price alone in Electrical Equipment”. Mrs. Marian Bruene talked on Washing Machines, Cleaners and Irons, telling of what to look for in the purchase of these items; Mrs. Nelson Rehder spoke on “Carefully Produced Dairy Products”; Mrs. H.D. Kehoe stressed the kinds and styles of pans best suited for the kitchen; Mrs. Kenneth Gethmann on “Do women want facts or fancies about beauty treatments.” In 1945 Alpha Study Club began its 32nd year with a dessert luncheon at the home of Mrs. Loretta Engel. This years theme was “Adventures in Reading”, and included a varied program of biography, plays, light opera, travelogue, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. 1948 - Thirteen members of the Alpha Study Club enjoyed the final meeting of the year in Des Moines at the Des Moines Art Center. A luncheon was enjoyed at the Younkers Tea Room where they also enjoyed the style show. In 1951 The Alpha Study Club program was awarded 2nd rating in District and rated 1st in the amount of reading. The summer of 1953 Alpha Study member and husbands took a cruise on the Mississippi aboard Rob Roy III. The trip came about by an extensive study of Iowa during the year by the club. Members of the Historical Society are charged $3.25 for the trip, which includes transporation, a mid-morning snack, noon meal, and afternoon lunch. All members joined the Historical Society so they could get the price offered by the Society. 1954-1955....some of books reviewed this year were: “The Best Years of your Life”, “Song of Ruth” and “The Big Fisherman”. In 1956 members compiled a cook-book type pamplet of their favorite recipes. 1959-1960 Alpha Study began its forty-seventh year with a teal at the home of Loretta Engel. There were many lively discussions that year on whether or not the Alpha should remain in the Federation and whether or not we should serve refreshments after our meetings and whether or not to have a permanent budget. The club decided to drop from the Federation, serving of refreshments was to be optional - the hostess to do as she wished, and to not have a permanent budget but that a working budget be drawn up each year. Another trip to Des Moines was enjoyed in 1961 with the membership attending the play “The Sound of Music” starring Florence Henderson. The Alpha Study Club met Tuesday, October 8th, on its 50th anniversary with a luncheon at Stone’s in Marshalltown. The past 50 years were reviewed. The Gladbrook Library has always been a major project with the giving of money for books and buying books. The group bought a moveable book section and presented it in honor of its golden avviversary. In conclusion a quote from the first program was read. “All things I thought I knew, but now confess, the more I know, I know, I know the less.”


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