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GMG Journalism Class

December 13, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
A Big Cookie Walk Thank You By Trey Moore The juniors and senors from GMG and their parents would like to think everyone who provided the cookies and goodies for their after prom bake sale. The fund raiser was held on Saturday, December 7th, and again on Tuesday December 10th. The cookie walk was originally scheduled for Friday, December 6th, but was cancelled because of an extremely unfortunate event. A great big thanks to those that purchased these yummy goodies. Hopefully, you can freeze these articles and use them for a christmas goodie. This cookie walk will help fund the after prom activities at GMG. Thank you to all involved!

What Will Be Fun About Your Holiday by Devon Schuett The holiday is getting close, and all the students at GMG are counting down the days. Before the holiday is here, I asked some students/teachers what they are most excited about during their vacation and here are their responses. Freshman, Levi Duden says he is most excited for giving and receiving presents. His older sister, senior, Abbie Duden says she is most excited for being with her family. Senior, Peyton Mannan, says she is most excited for the break itself and for being with her family. Junior, Elee Edwards, says she is excited for being able to sleep in. Junior, Ashley Miller, says she is most excited for getting more hours at work. Teacher, Mr. Mike Spurlin, said he was excited for having the family together. Some others I asked responded like this. Junior, Bryce Newcomb, says he is most excited for the snow. Junior, Bridger Claassen, says he is most excited for seeing an Iowa bowl victory. Senior, Austin Vaughn, and Junior, Matt Carlon, both said they are most excited for getting away from a certain someone for awhile. Regardless, everyone have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Fruit Sales By Chad Plaehn The GMG junior class would like to thank everyone that bought fruit for the fundraiser. The fruit will be brought to the GMG High School on Wednesday, December 11. Some of the money will be used for our prom. It was an awesome fundraiser, and we, hopefully, will have an amazing prom because of you! Once again, thanks for purchasing the fruit.

What Do You Want For Christmas by Anna Scheidel I interviewed the students and staff of GMG asking them what they want for Christmas. Alexandra Curry, a Junior, wants her car to be fixed. Luke Petty, a Senior, wants an X-Box. Bridger Claassen, a Junior, wants Iowa to win the National Championship in basketball. Mrs. Julie Upah, an English teacher, wants to attend church services with her family and for everyone to be healthy. Bailey Sonderleiter, a Senior, wants a laptop. Shannon Brown, a Senior, wants clothes. Ryan Larson, a Junior, wants a car. Chad Plaehn, a Senior, wants clothes. Trey Moore, a Sophomore, wants a video game called Battle Field 4. Devon Schuett, a Senior, wants money. Don’t forget, it’s the thought that counts. Also, remember to give as well as receive. Have a wonderful Holiday break!

Psychology Field Trip By: Ryan Larson Juniors and seniors in Mrs. Samek’s psychology class enriched their study of personality disturbances and treatments with a tour of the State Mental Health Institute in Independence, Iowa, on Monday, December 9. M.H.I. employee Mike Cook met with students to explain a history of the facility and the types of disturbances treated there, and to field questions from the students. He also led students on a tour of the operating room (no longer in use), parts of several buildings, and the museum. It proved to be an excellent learning experience for GMG students.

Christmas Break for GMG!! By: Shannon Brown Christmas break for GMG is coming up fast! Christmas break starts on Friday, December 20th, GMG will get out early on that day at 2:20. Christmas break ends on a Monday, January 6th. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

2014 GMG Yearbook By: Eric Lada The 2014 GMG yearbook is on sale. If you want memories that will last a life time, make sure to purchase one. The yearbook is on sale for $50. Get out and purchase on today, so your GMG student will have this wonderful piece of memorabilia!



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