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Tama Co. Supervisors By: Joyce Wiese

December 6, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
Tama County Supervisors Kendall Jordan, Larry Vest and Dan Anderson met Monday morning, December 2, with Tama County Engineer Lyle Brehm with Brehm advising supervisors of the road departments work at the present time. The road department is in the process of changing equipment over to winter operations. For example this week they will finish attaching wing posts to the rest of the maintainers. The wing post is the piece that attaches solid to the maintainer and holds the wing to the machine. The wing can be attached or detached relatively fast but the wing post takes a couple hours to attach. Changing equipment to winter operations has a negative effect on other operations. For example the wing post complicates dirt work. Similarly, attaching the plow frames to the trucks adds significant weight and reduces the amount of rock that can be hauled legally. Brehm says they are still able to perform some dirt work in situations where the landowner allows them to throw the dirt over the fence line. This work can continue until the ground becomes too frozen or is covered with snow. Brehm also said K Avenue off of 310th Street is now open, although there is still some work to be completed. Supervisor Larry Vest told Brehm the people of Traer were pleased with the project of the bridge replacement in Traer. Brehm explained that all bridges are funded by a percentage of federal money, and when federal monies are used it is required to have a certified engineer inspect the plans and the work. When it is required to get an inspector out of county it is extremely expensive. Brehm says this could cost several thousand dollars, and if he does this for Tama County towns it runs a fraction of the out of county cost. Therefore he is willing to work with Tama County towns when a bridge within city limits is needing to be replaced. This is what happened with the Traer bridge. Sheriff Dennis Kucera told supervisors they sheriffs department had contracted with Consolidated Food Services starting in January for meals for Tama County Jail prisoners. He said it would take one of the deputies to take care of the meals, and normally it would not be necessary to hire an extra person to fix the meals. Kucera says he plans on cleaning out the old dark room and use it for a supply area as well as maybe being able to prepare the meals there. This process is hoped to decrease the cost to the Sheriff’s department. Claims approved for payment for the past week came to $73,494.25



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