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Tama Co. Supervisors By: Joyce Wiese

November 29, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
The Tama County Board of supervisors met Monday morning, November 25, with Todd Rickerts from the CPC office to review and approve an agreement to clearly establish guidelines regarding Tama County’s payment for substance abuse costs and mental health costs for Tama County residents. The Code of Iowa sets out mandates regarding the County’s responsibility for payment of substance abuse costs. Tama County is not legally liable for payment of detoxification or substance abuse treatment costs at a private facility. Tama county recognizes that under certain conditions it is in the best interest of t he client and Tama County to utilize a private facility. Tama County will pay Community and Family Resources for holding, detoxification, and substance abuse evaluation not as a result of a related OWI Charge for court ordered substance abusers prior to court hearings, and voluntary admissions. Involuntary commitments state the client is committed by Tama County and involuntary commitment papers have been filed under Code of Iowa Chapter 125 in Tama County. All other benefits have been exhausted such as Title XIX, VA, private insurance, etc. The per diem rate will be $421.00 including a physical exam, Detox services and completed court report. The county will py for a maximum of three days, unless the Detox is for heroin or prescription pain medication and the average Detox is six days. Under extenuating circumstances, additional days may be warranted by the client’s condition or waiting for a Civil Committal Hearing. The CPC will be contacted for all extensions of stay. Voluntary admissions states the client has residence in Tama County and it has been determined that the client is in need of detoxification. The admission has been preauthorized by the CPC after all other benefits have been exhausted. The per diem rate is the same as involuntary commitments. The county will pay for a maximum of three days detoxification for voluntary clients, unless the Detox is for heroin or prescription pain medication and the average Detox is six days. In the case the client has a related OWI Charge, the client will be charged an additional $125.00 for the evaluation and payment received before paperwork is released to the Department of Transportation for license reinstatement. Tama County agrees to pay for any medications deemed necessary while the client is in services at Community and Family Resources. Community and Family Resources agrees it will obtain pre-authorization before any medication is ordered for a client. This applies to psychotropic and antibiotic medications. This agreement is based on residence of the client and not legal settlement. In other business County Engineer Lyle Brehm says the road crew is in the process of gearing up for snow removal. At the present time they are putting wings on maintainers. Brehm stated there is still work to be done on K Avenue where they are hauling dirt to build up the road and attempting to widen the road. The road at the present time is about twenty feet wide. Claims approved for the past week for payment came to $123,401.22.


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