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Message From Our Mayor

November 15, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
I’m writing this letter the second week of November and we are off to a very rough start with the loss of at least six members in our community. Our sympathy goes out to these families on the loss of their loved ones. The tragic loss of Mary Appelgate probably touched more people in Gladbrook and the surrounding area than any death in the past several years. Mary lived in the Gladbrook area all her life and was known by all. She was very active in our community and will be missed by many. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bruce, the Appelgate family, the Oettchen family and to Jodi and Jeni and the Junge family. With the loss of so many in so short a time, it is hard to find something positive to write about but as tragic as Mary’s death was, there are things to be proud of. First and most important, we had the privilege of knowing Mary for more than 50 years. Let me tell everyone how proud I am of the community and everyone in it. The Gladbrook Fire Department was the first one on the scene. Fire chief Matt Koester was on the first truck and immediately took charge. Matt is very well trained as are all our firemen in fighting fires but this was one of the worst these men have seen. With one of there own (Dan DeWitt) severely burned and knowing there was a victim inside, Matt took charge and did a tremendous job as incident site commander. All the local fire fighters did an excellent job of fighting the fire and doing what they were trained to do, fully knowing Dan was badly injured. Gladbrook Fire Department has a reputation of being there to help out other departments when needed and that help was returned when Matt put out the call for assistance to the Garwin, Green Mountain and Toledo fire and ambulance departments. I’m so proud of the way these young men handled a bad situation. The Gladbrook Ambulance squad was also immediately on the scene with Jeanne Paustian in charge. They did their job and immediately took care of Dan and I’m sure that was very vital in Dan making a full and fast recovery. We all know the dedication of our ambulance crews. I’m very glad and proud to know that they will be there for us when needed. I’m not going to try and name all of either crew that gives so freely of their time to helping all of us. Thank you for being there. On a side note, Dan got home from Iowa City last Saturday. He is young and strong and with the help of Samantha he will make a full recovery. It is so great living in a community that comes to the support of families in time of need. Now, congratulations to the GR football team in making it to the quarter final round of state football. You young men made your communities very proud and it was very exciting to watch. If you were one of the few Rebel fans that did not get to see a home football game you missed out seeing our Rebel pep band in action. These 12 band members may be small in number but did by far the best job of playing the Star Spangled Banner of any band in the last several years. Your fans were very proud of you. You also missed out watching our Rebel cheerleaders in action. They throw a couple of girls a long way in the air. These young ladies put on quite a show. Thank you to Mike Baumeier for making Gladbrook his choice for their new home. Mike and Marcy took down two older houses on 2nd St. and built a very nice home in their place. Thanks Mike and Marcy for your commitment to Gladbrook and for building a home here. There are so many things here in Gladbrook that we have to be proud of and also the fact that everyone works together here to get things done. Richard Klinefelter put it this way in saying that is why he and June decided to return to Gladbrook because no other community cares more about each other than the people of Gladbrook. All the above and much more is why I’m so proud and thankful to be able to say I’m the Mayor of this fine community. Happy Thanksgiving to all and thank you for your support in making Gladbrook one of the best places to live.

Keith Sash, Mayor



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