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Bye Bye Birdie Update By: Sadie Walton

October 25, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
A new member has been added to the Bye Bye Birdie cast? and you’ve probably heard of him. On October 15, the entire cast gathered around to hear the auditions of Schulte & Swann, morning DJ’s for Z 102.9. The two DJ’s, along with their producer Claire, auditioned for the part of Ed Sullivan in the production. The three did their best impersonations of the famous television host live on air Tuesday morning. The entire cast gathered around Mrs. Bridge’s cell phone, the woman who made the audition possible, and decided which impersonation was best. In the end, the cast voted that Swann had the best impersonation and would play the voice of Ed Sullivan. This is just another exciting element added to the already thrilling show! With the opening night of the performance less than three weeks away, students are kicking it into high gear. Starting next week, students will begin night practices opposed to the early morning practices they’ve been having so far. With the success of our football and volleyball teams, this means some late nights for everyone. Don’t be surprised if you drive by the high school late in the evening and still see lights on. Odds are, it’s just some dedicated drama students preparing a killer musical!


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