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GMG Journalism Class

October 25, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
Clarksville Vs. GMG By Camden Barnes The GMG Junior High Volleyball Team did very well this season. The 8th grade score for the last game at Clarksville was 16/21, 21/18, and 11/15. We lost, but it was a good game. The 7th grade score for the last game at Clarksville was 19/21 and 19/21. We lost, but they did very well this season. The 7th and 8th graders have completed their season of volleyball. We’d like to thank Mrs. Susan Strohbehn and Mrs. Chanda Bovenmyer for their excellent job at coaching these young ladies!

GMG Faced Iowa Valley by Devon Schuett On Friday, October 11, the GMG Wolverines defeated the Iowa Valley Tigers. GMG came into the game with the record of 3 wins and 3 loses. Iowa Valley’s record was 1 win 6 loses. The finale score of the game was 37-12. Bridger Claassen for GMG completed 9-of-17 passes for 236 yards and two touchdowns. Brock Fisher with only 9 carries ran for a total of 152 yards, had 2 touchdowns, and had a reception for 34 yards. Austin Vaughn was the leading receiver for 4 receptions and119 yards. He also rushed for 51 yards over 12 carries. After its bye week we were worried it would be tough to get back on the winning path, so this victory was a big step for GMG. The Wolverines face BCLUW on Friday night, Oct. 18 in Conrad. It will be one of the biggest games of the season. This game will decide if GMG will get a chance to make it to the play offs! Go get ‘em, Wolverines! We want this victory!

GMG Runs at Dike By Trey Moore On October 8, the GMG Cross Country team ran at the Fox Ridge Invitational in Dike. They ran well. Our team strives to run their best. The GMG middle school girls and one young man ran in the 1 mile event. The runners were as follows: Kyla Wilson who got 11th with a time of 6:51, Zoe Duncan got 21st with a time of 7:09, Haley Stahl who got 59th with a time of 8:43, and Daniel Hughes who got 84th with a time of 7:58 The GMG man and woman varsity team were Natalie Smith in 63rd place with a time of 18:24, Jeff Hughes who got 70th place with a time of 19:46, Josh Gruen who got 84th place with a time of 20:22, Logan Burt who got 87th place with a time of 20:32, and Josh Raymond who got 109th place with a time of 23:37. Way to run, team!

All-State Tryouts by Anna Scheidel Vocal All State Auditions will be October 26th. Tryouts will be taken at Hampton Dumont High School, at Hampton, Iowa. So far, only six people are trying out, Dillon Slingluff, Megan Slinguff, Taylor Jackson, John Glasscock, Emily McDowell, and Chandler Kendall. These tryouts are to find out who is the best of the best. Good luck to all participants from GMG!

ACT Test By: Kendra Savage GMG students have had the opportunity to sign up to take the ACT test. The next scheduled ACT test will be taken on Saturday, October 26th. The test will be held at Marshalltown Community College (MCC), and will start at 8:00 am. The ACT will be finished by noon. Sign up and take the ACT! Good luck students!



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