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Garwin Modern Homemakers

October 18, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
Ten members met at the Carlton Brethren Church for our fall pot-luck luncheon. Lots of good food was brought. We ate at noon and when we had finished eating, President Kathy Thurston opened the meeting. She asked for roll call. Janet Abbe had roll call and the question was, does anyone have someone( family or friend ) affected by the government shut -down and how long do you think it will last? Some of us do have family members affected by it. Minutes of September meeting were read and approved. We had no old business. New business was election of offices. Vivian LeVier made a motion to keep the same officers as last year. That being Kathy Thurston as President, Vivian LeVier as Vice President, Janet Abbe as Secretary-Treasurer-Reporter, Remembrance committee, is Kathy Thurston and Bev Judge. Lola Dressen seconded the motion and motion carried. Then Shirley Lewis made a motion to not do recipe books this year. Joan Bacon seconded the motion and the motion carried. Vivian LeVier said she would type the recipes up and print on a single sheet and either e-mail to those that wanted them or hand them to those that do not have e-mail. Then names were drawn for Christmas. Bev Judge read “Code of the West”. Viv announced that she had tickets for the Holiday Happenings. Nov.18 if anyone wanted them. Then program was by Kathy and Bev. They had us play a game called, “Apples to Apples”. Some of the answers were so funny. We all laughed until our sides hurt. Judy Beane was the big winner. The Club gave the Carlton Brethren Church a donation for the use of the church. We really had a great day. Next month Hostess will be Judy Beane, Roll Call by Darlene Bovenmyer, and Program by Joan Bacon.


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