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G-R School News-College Fair By: Shelby Yates

October 11, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
Students always love a good field trip, but this time it wasn’t just for the fun of missing a little school! On September 17th, all juniors and a few seniors from the GR High School went to a college fair, which was held on the UNI campus in the McLeod Center. There, colleges from all over Iowa and surrounding states were represented. The students could go up to as many school booths as they’d like and get information or ask any questions to their representative. I asked Hanna Christopher, a GR junior, to give a little insight of what she thought about the college fair. She explained how the college fair “offers lots of information about whatever a person might want to know about any college close by.: She says it’s ”really convenient” to be able to look for a major you want, or get more detailed information if you’re already set on a college. “This event is a great opportunity for juniors or seniors to go to in order to start their college search,” she began, “Even if you have no idea what you want to go into, going to the college fair is a great place to start!” When I asked Christopher to reflect on what she learned at the college fair, she opened with a statement that I believe rings true for most high school students” college is not that far away!” She says, “It made me realize that I need to start considering where I want to go and what I’d like to go for.” It was also interesting to learn that the juniors had an assignment in their basic composition class where they had to narrow all of the colleges down to the top three they’d like to attend, using a set of ten factors. Then an essay was written determining one college and three reasons why one would want to attend. Christopher told me that this project” really helped a lot” because they actually had to look up information on each college and pick out the main deciding factors of why they would want to go there. It is crucial for students to really start to think about their future and get a head start in college planning. A college fair is a great way to get the thinking gears churning and motivate students for what lies ahead! The GR slogan says it best“ Educating for the Choices and Challenges of Tomorrow” and that’s exactly what’s happening at the high school


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