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Message From Our Mayor

October 10, 2013
Northern-Sun Print

I'm writing this letter on Sunday, October 6, the first cold day of fall. It is in the 40's with damp air and clouds that make it feel colder than it is. Not the kind of day you would pick for an outdoor dinner but that is exactly what we had for an informational free dinner at the new site for the Fire and Ambulance building. The site is clear of the trees and old chicken house that was there and Mike Bearden's crew marked out with paint and stakes the outline of what the new building will look like. Our firemen and ambulance people brought their units and parked all of them in the stalls marked out for each unit to show everyone what the building will look like when it is full of equipment. Everyone could see why we need a building of this size as we all know that whenever either department gets new units they will be bigger. The paint on the grass shows all areas of the building including the training and meeting rooms, two bathrooms, an office for all the records that our volunteers have to keep on each call, a storage room for equipment and the full interior of the building in which the fire trucks and ambulances will be parked along with the rack for the firemen's gear. The south end of the building will be two-story with the overhead area being used as storage for extra equipment that is needed. The building will face east (not north, as some people thought) and the fire and ambulance exit will use the west drive between the new building and the gas islands.

We had about 125 to 150 people come out in the not so nice of a day to look at what is being planned. Thanks to all of you! For those who didn't make it, the ground is marked in paint, the stakes are up and you can stop anytime and look for yourself.

I am always being asked "what if you don't get enough money, will the station be built. As of now we have over $725,000 in pledges and donations from all of you fine and generous citizens of Gladbrook and friends of Gladbrook all over this great country we live in. I'm telling you that this new investment in our town will happen. We will be taking bids this winter and building in the spring and summer of 2014. If you haven't given to this great project yet and would like to, ask any fire or ambulance personnel or myself or contact city hall and we will help you.

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Gladbrook Firemen and EMS personnel at the site of the new Gladbrook Fire Department and Ambulance building on Sunday, October 6.

Along with the same topic of rescue equipment, I would like to announce that Farm Credit Services of America based in Marshalltown has given to the fire department a grain bin rescue tube that will make it possible for our firemen to make a grain bin rescue. The fire department has been trained in how to use the equipment and they are very pleased with it saying it is one of the best they have ever seen. This is a piece of equipment that you hope that is never needed but if it is we have it here in Gladbrook and it is ready to go. If anyone of you have an opportunity to talk to Farm Credit people, please thank them for this great donation.

On a different subject, I would like to welcome Deb Osborn and her new business, Serendipity by deb to Gladbrook. They will be a great addition to our town joining our list of recent expansions of new businesses in the last few years - Annie Stocker, insurance and real estate agent, Anderson Funeral Homes and Napa's new building. This new business along with the new water tower and fire and ambulance building prove that Gladbrook is truly "Alive and Growing." Thanks to all of you for making this happen!

Keith Sash, Mayor



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