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GMG Journalism Class

October 4, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
Mr. Football By: Summer Langenbau The GMG dance team just held their annual Mr. Football fundraiser. This year the girls made a total of $753. The first place winner for Mr. Football was Gage Fraser, sponsored by Jennifer Borota. Jennifer raised a total of $210. The second place winner was Austin Vaughn, sponsored by Peyton Mannan. Peyton raised $122. The third place winner was Trent Geiken, sponsored by Codi Groth. Codi raised $117. The money will be going to a choreographer, to help pay for the fee at the competition at state dance, and to help pay for costumes. Congratulations, Gage and Jennifer, for your first place in this fun competition!

JH GMG Girls Volleyball By Scott Rockne The JH GMG volleyball girls faced North Tama on Sep. 24. Let’s talk about the seventh grade girls first. Mesa Groth had 5 of 8 serves on the night. Kelsey Vaverka slapped down 3 of 4 serves that night, and Jadyn Sorem had 3 of 3 serves that night. Madison Krull contributed 3 of 6 serves that night and Tory Novontny added 4of5 serves that night. They lost all of their games. their first game was 10-21, second game 15-21, and their final game was 11-15. The girls tried their best. Good luck next time, girls. The eighth grade girls had a good night. They won all of their games. Their first game was 21-15, second game 21-14, and their final game was 19-17. Emily Roberts slapped in 6 of 7 serves on the night, and Kael Gruen had 5 of 7 serves that night. Alexa Almanza captured 5 of 6 serves that night, and Courtny Hansen had 6 of 7 serves that night. However, there was one girl who served 13 of 14 serves. That young girl would be our own Kensie Vaske. Awesome job on the serves, Kensie! The eight grade girls had a good night. Keep it up, girls!

GMG’s Volleyball game vs. Clarksville By: Shannon Brown The GMG volleyball girls tried hard at their tournament against Clarksville. They only won one game. They played four games. They played really well in the tournament. Some of the high lights were as follows: Abigail Duden had 3 aces and 10 digs. Mikaella Koster contributed 3 aces and 15 digs. Caitlin Applegate added 5 aces and 1 dig. Peyton Mannan grabbed 4 aces and 12 digs. Mackenzie Burt added 4 kills and 9 digs. They all tried hard and had fun!

GMG vs.The Spartans XC Aspen Brown GMG competed with Grundy Center in Cross Country on September 26, 2013. The runner for the Girl’s varsity team is Natalie Smith. She finished with the time of 18.26. Her place was 43rd. The boys running for varsity are Jeff Hughes,Josh Gruen, and Logan Burt. Jeff Hughes’s time was, 19.16. Josh’s time was 20.42. Logan’s time was 21.43. These young runners are continuously improving on their time. Hopefully, they will reach their best times by district competition.

GMG Dance Team Bailey Sonderleiter The GMG Dance Team performs next Friday, October 11th. It is a home game. GMG plays Iowa Valley. The dance team will be performing at half time of the game. They plan on performing to the dance “She Hot.” Come watch these dynamic dancers perform!

The Hobbit By Ryan Larson The Basic Literature Class at GMG is reading the book, The Hobbit. In the class we are also watching the movie The Hobbit. The story of this hobbit is one about a hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, who is a key character in the Lord of the Rings. He is taken on an adventure to help a small group of dwarfs who have lost their home. Bilbo is faced with challenges; he is home sick, but his caring persona has made him obligated to also help the dwarfs regain what they had lost. The story of Bilbo is tied with that of Gandalf, a powerful wizard who is again, well known in the movie Lord of the Rings. Bilbo fights goblins, orcs, wargs and other dangerous mystic creatures. The story is not done yet though, and The Hobbit is still well under way in his adventure and more is to come of the class.

GMG Varsity vs. DonBosco by Anna Scheidel Last Thursday, September 26, GMG traveled to Gilbertville. GMG played against DonBosco at 6pm. The scores were as follows: 0-3, 16-25, 13-25, and 14-25. DonBosco won all the games. It was a tough round for the Wolverines, however, the girls are continuously improving. Let’s go, Wolverines!

GMG JH. Vs Janesville volleyball By Trey Moore The GMG 8th grade played volleyball against Janesville on 9/16/13. GMG played against Janesville three times and lost all three times. The scores where 6-21, 7-21, and 6-15. GMG’s 7th grade also played against Janesville twice and lost both times, here are their scores 8-21, and 3-21. This was the first game for the JH. They set the ball up well and they are coming along nicely. They continue to work hard in practice, and we will expect that they will continue to improve. We are having a great time so far.

Jacy Johnson PSAT Testing On October 16, 2013 PSAT testing will begin. If your student is wanting to take the PSAT registration will be held at the high school he or she attends. The PSAT is a good way to prepare a student for the SAT. Testing will be held at the GMG High School building. For more information contact Mr. Mike Pierson our guidance counselor at 641-499-2005.

GMG Varsity Volleyball by Hunter Smith Congrats to the GMG varsity volleyball team. They won 3-0 against Meskwaki. Their first game was 25-19, second game 25-15, third game 25-17. Way to play, Wolverines! Summer Langenbau contributed 1 dig. Mikaella Koster added 4 aces, 1 kill, 1 solo, 11 assist, and 10 digs. Caitlin Applegate played well also with 5 aces, 6 kills, 2 solo blocks, 1 assisted block, and 3 digs. Peyton Mannan put in 2 aces, 3 kills, and 13 digs. Mackenzie Burt also contributed 3 aces, 2 kills, 1 assisted block, 10 assist, and 3 digs. Olivia Barritt added 2 aces, 8 kills, 3 solo blocks, and 1 dig. Jennifer Borota had 1 back row attack leading to a kill, and 16 digs. Finally, Olivia Welton pulled up 1 dig.

Parenting and Child Development Babies By: Kendra Savage GMG’s Parenting and Child Development class has been caring for programmed fake babies since Monday, September 23rd, and will turn them in on Thursday, October 3rd. These babies cry and coo as real babies do, as well as wake up during the middle of the night, forcing the students to wake up and care for the infants, interrupting their sleep schedule. The infants are supposed to simulate what it would be like to care for a real infant. The students took a field trip on Tuesday, October 1st with the infants. On this field trip, they visited Kmart, Walmart, and the hospital to see and talk about some of the costs and necessities of raising an infant.

GMG Cross Country Runners by Scott Rockne GMG cross country runners had a great meet at South Hardin Recreation Center in Union on September 21, 2013. Even though we do not have enough runners for a team, we had some fantatstic runners. First, Zoe Duncan, 7th grade, ran a time of 14:57 and placed 31st. Right behind her was Haley Stahl, 8th grade, with a time of 17:04. Evan Espenschied, 8th grade, placed 25th with a time of 13:17. Placing 69th was Daniel Hughes, 7th grade, with a time of 19:05. For high schoolers, Natalie Smith placed 41st with a time of 19:44. Jeff Hughes ran 21:06 and placed 49th. Josh Gruen placed 56th with a time of 22:38. Congratulations, GMG runners. We are proud of you!



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