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2013 G-R Homecoming By: Shelby Yates

September 27, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
It was a husslenbussle sort of week in the GladbrookReinbeck School District last week, September 9-13, 2013! It was homecoming week I know, it’s hard to believe it came so soon this year! The high school roared with excitement as students participated in the dressup days, decorated hallways, and got involved at the daily pep rallies! Since our Homecoming football game happened to fall on Friday the 13th, we decided to go with an overall theme of “Haunted Homecoming” for the week. Our opponents were the Iowa Valley Tigers, so naturally we went with the slogan “Terminate the Tigers”. Of course, we also celebrated Rebel Pride and showed our SuppOHRT throughout the week, too! The student council was in charge of most of this week’s events, under the head of our new guidance counselor, Mrs. Ariel Patton. There are three student council representatives from each class, and they include: (freshmen) Parker Bown, Tyler Pierce, Alex Tscherter, (sophomores) Al Brandt, Leah Holman, Dan Robinett, (juniors) Hanna Christopher, Camden Kickbush, Hannah Martin, (seniors) Joey Linder, Sadie Walton, and Shelby Yates. As one of the jobs as a student council member, you help pick the dressup days for the week. The schedule for the week was as follows: MondayGeneration Day (underclassmen dress 05 yrs. old, upperclassmen dress 60+, teachers dress as teenagers), TuesdaySuperhero/Villain Day, WednesdayThrift Shop Formal Day, ThursdayYellow Out for Noah, and FridaySpirit/Haunted Day. As something new this year, we decorated every hallway in the high school! On Sunday, Septembe 8th, students gathered to cover their designated hallway from head to toe in the greatest decor for their assigned theme! Freshmen decorated the gymnasium hallway with Rebel Spirit, sophomores decorated the Media Center hallway with Terminate the Tigers, juniors decorated the science hallway with Yellow for Noah Ohrt, and seniors decorated the office hallway with Haunted Homecoming! Let me just tell youthey looked AMAZING! It was supposed to be a competition to see what grade’s hallway was the best, but the faculty couldn’t choose which was the best, so it was an overall tie amongst the whole school! Another new idea for homecoming this year was to have daily pep rallies! During these pep rallies, the band got the student body roaring with excitement, and the cheerleaders got us up on our feet! A random drawing to select one student from each class was taken, and that person competed in the “Minute to Win It” game. The game portion of the pep rallies was an overall favorite among the student body. It’s so much fun to cheer on your classmates and it gives you a good laugh, too! At the end of the pep rally, we were informed on which class was in the lead with points so far. Homecoming was an overall competition amongst each grade. Your class got points for having the most people dress up, the best hallway, and if your class won the “Minute to Win It” competition. The faculty definitely fell short with points each day, but it’s been a close race among all the grades the entire week! Winners at the end of the week received donuts on Monday which may sound like a small prize, but believe me donuts are a HUGE deal at GR High School! We cannot forget to mention Homecoming Happenings on Thursday night! The Powder Puff Football game is always a big event for the week. The junior and senior girls play an arousing flagfootball game to see who will come out on top. Admittedly, this year was an upset for the senior class. Though the word always spreads that the seniors will win, this year they fell short of glory when the junior girls put on a good show! The end score was a whopping 486 in their favor. I guess the seniors can’t win them all! And of course, later that night when the whole town gathered in the gym to really show some school spirit. The cheerleaders held their annual “Little Kids Cheerleading”, which even included a lifting stunt among the elementary schoolers! The band led the stands to their feet with the school song, and the cheerleaders got everyone excited for the game the following night! Then came my favorite part the senior parents’ skit! They performed a cute skit that took a twist on a classic tale, entitled, “Twas The Night Before Homecoming,” and boy was that hilarious! Everyone was laughing so hardand I think the real tearjerker came when the parents started wetting their pants! ...Oh, but that’s a story for another day! Lastly, came the announcement of the 2013 Homecoming Court. The king candidates included: Chase Clark, Tanner Greiner, Joseph Linder, Pete Meyers, and Wyatt Swanson. The queen candidates included: Lauren Gauthier, Britney Keller, Taylor Weida, Sadie Walton, and Shelby Yates. The results came in, and this year’s Homecoming King and Queen are…Wyatt Swanson and Taylor Weida! Congratulations to the both of them! This year’s Homecoming Court was also interviewed by KGRN radio station out of Grinnell. If you are interested in learning a little bit more about the candidates, check out this website: What a blast Homecoming Week is every year! It is a great time to cut loose and have some fun! I always enjoy the rally of school spirit that just explodes as the Friday night football game grows closer! It was an exciting game against Iowa Valley watchint the Rebels “Terminate the Tigers”!!!


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