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Renovation Club By: Cydney Rose

September 27, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
In the past the GR Renovation club has been somewhat dead. With not many active participants the club has really suffered. Mr. Boheman, one of the school’s science teachers and the club’s “advisor”, in reply to this issue said, “This club is supposed to be student run and in the past students haven’t been active.” This could be due to the fact that students are allowed to run themselves and may not have the drive to do anything without an adult figure directing them. It was decided when the Renovation first came about that Mr. Boheman would be an advisor only. The club has been student run from then on. The 20132014 Renovation club looks a lot more promising than in past years. When asked about how active the club will be this year Mr. Boheman replied, “It appears to be. If they ever have a meeting.” He is right. The Renovation club has not yet had a meeting and the school year is already three weeks in. For the club to get any sort of work done this year they will need around ten or more people, which has been the average number in recent years. In order to gather more members the club is “depending on word of mouth and participating in interesting project to try and draw people in.” Mr. Boheman listed off a few projects the club likes to get involved with. This includes planting trees, participating in hazardous waste disposal day, and ditch cleaning day. In response to any trips out of town to participate in a project, Mr. Boheman answered, “Gladbrook to plant trees at Union Grove Lake.” The goals of the Renovation club are environmental awareness and environmental stewardship. This means taking care of nature and the environment in which we live. “It’s dependent on the members. If they get something done, then yes.” Mr. Boheman said in reply to the question of how successful he thinks this year will be for the Renovation club. The question was raised as to whether or not there would be any fundraising for the club, and in response Mr. Boheman pointed at a sticky note on his desk and proceeded to say, “No, because there’s this much in the account.” He was pointing at the number written on the note sitting on his desk that read: $401.00. The club obviously has enough to get something started to kick off their promising year. Let’s hope they can make something happen. There’s still plenty of time to see if the Renovation club makes a vicious comeback or suffers a silent death.


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