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Gladbrook Women’s Club

September 20, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
The Gladbrook Women’s Club met on September 12, 2013 at Serendipity by deb. President Pat Clausen, was very pleased to introduce Gladbrook’s newest business owner, Deb Osborn, as guest speaker. Deb is excited about her new store and when asked how she came up with the name she explained serendipity came to her all of a sudden and thought it was the perfect name. Serendipity means a treasure you don’t expect and she believes this store is a rare treasure. Her main emphasis will be on her love of photography and scrapbooking. She hopes to do most of her photos of family, kids, and high school seniors with the popular outdoor settings but also has a photography area in the store for indoor pictures. She has many scrapbooking materials, card stock, and eventually will hold classes. She offers a coffee shop, balloon bouquets, fresh flowers, tux rental, dry cleaning and many extras along with cards and gifts in her new shop. Deb provided the club members with card making materials and the ladies enjoyed seeing how fun and simple it was to make your own fun cards. President Clausen thanked Deb for sharing with us and letting the women’s club kick off their new year in her new shop. Pat opened the regular meeting at 2:00 with the theme of “moving forward by looking back”. Roll call was answered by 24 members. The secretary’s minutes of the May 9th meeting were read and approved. In the absence of our treasurer, Pat Clausen, read the treasurer’s report and it was approved as read. This report will be filed with the minutes. Mary read a thank you from the Gladbrook Corn Carnival Corp. thanking us for our participation in the parade and asking for our continued support. Our float received first place. A thank you letter from Karen Collins of the Gladbrook Library was read as she explained the many summer programs and activities and thanked the club for their continuing support of their programs. President Pat recognized our Club’s Presidents over the last 20 years. Karen Handorf, Vivian LeVier, Pat Goos, Carolyn Groth, Laura Osborn, Anna Mae Rohweder, Mary Appelgate, Marilyn Petty, Pauline Flamme, Jean Marquart, Rhonda Hein, Barbara Strohbehn. Going further back, the club recognized past President Karen Pieper and Mary Jane Schaeferle who was our club’s president in 1966. Pat presented our outgoing president, Karen Handorf, with a tote bag of many products shouting praises of the wonderful caring friend she is with a peace loving disposition filled with energy to burn. Discussion was held on the inventory of supplies we have accumulated through floats and Holiday Happenings and other projects. The board will have a work day to go through these items for disposal, proper storage, or could be given to interested members. Also, a folder will be made of the inventory. It was suggested pictures could be taken of some of the items and also filed in the folder. Another suggestion was the possibilities of using some of these older items as a theme for our festival of tress presentation. The folder should be kept with the Holiday Happenings folders for safe keeping. Pat thanked Carolyn Groth for auditing the treasurer’s books. No discrepancies were found. President Clausen handed out the proposed financial guidelines for 2013-14 and they were approved by the club. Shirley Young reported the Johnson Family will be the Holiday Happenings entertainment. This group consists of a very talented eight member family. All Holiday Happenings folders were passed out to the chairmen. Hospice cookies have all been collected for this month. Crystal Petersen, dietitian for the Grundy Hospital, will be our guest speaker next month. The Oct. 10th meeting will be held at the Independent Living. The meeting was adjourned with a quote to send us on our way with a smile.


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