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Tama Co. Supervisors By: Joyce Wiese

September 6, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
Tuesday morning Tama County Supervisors Larry Vest, Dan Anderson and Kendall Jordan visited with County Engineer Lyle Brehm on gravel roads. Brehm stated with the dryness of the soil and the gravel roads, it is extremely important for those using gravel roads to slow down their rate of speed. Brehm says the high speed on gravel roads is causing an extremely large amount of dust which in turn means soil from the base of gravel roads disappearing into fields and elsewhere. BREHM IS ASKING ALL THOSE IN TAMA COUNTY LIVING AND TRAVELING ON GRAVEL ROADS TO SLOW THEIR SPEED TO 35 miles per hour until we have some rain. Brehm stated the importance of this to keep roads in traveling condition. County Supervisors are also requesting those traveling on gravel to be considerate and slow their speed to 35 miles per hour to prevent placing speed limits on gravel. Brehm says once we get a decent amount of rain this will not be a problem. Anyone with questions can all the Engineers office or the County Board of Supervisors. Susan Jones presented three utility permits for approval. Windstream Communications will replace a section of cable at the intersection of D64 and Burns Street in Dinsdale. Cable was damaged during the Highway D65 reconstruction project and requires a section to be replaced. Windstream-McLeod will be installing a fiber optic signal regeneration cabinet at the intersection of Highway T55 and 120th Street in Lincoln Township south of Lincoln. Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company will be replacing the existing cable along Highway V18 south of Clutier. In the weekly road report from County Engineer Lyle Brehm, he says the bridge crew is working on a bridge east of High V18 on the Tama-Poweshiek County line. They will be replacing piles and some other deteriorated timber. Brehm says rock on the shoulders of paved roads tend to not stay up tight against the pavement, and in time this leaves a drop off along the edge. Most years we can pull the existing shoulder rock up against the pavement to eliminate the edge drop, but periodically it is necessary to additional rock. The county likes to perform some of this work each year, and has just completed the placement of shoulder rock this year. Highway T47 north of Gladbrook is part of an asphalt resurfacing project. All of the asphalt has been placed on the road. The yellow line down the center has been placed. Shoulders still need to be placed, and the white line along the edge will be placed after the shouldering is completed. Highway E29 east of Garwin is also part of an asphalt resurfacing project. The final lift of asphalt still needs to be placed, as well as asphalt at the fillets and intersections. Work on Highway D65 near Dinsdale continues. The old pavement has been crushed to leave a product similar to road stone. To address the soft subgrade along this road they are incorporating flyash into the underlying soils. The south lane has all flyash placed. The north lane still needs to have about 1/2 mile treated with flyash. The contractor has started the process of spreading the crushed pavement out over the treated subgrade. Brehm says he doesn’t know the contractor’s exact timeline yet. Brehm says the road will soon be ready for the placement of asphalt. Claims approved for the past week came to $72,137.64.


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