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GMG Journalism Class

September 6, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
Going to the Movies? by Jacy Johnson On Saturday, September 7, the GMG Elementary School is turning their playground into a movie theatre! The students, parents, and staff of GMG are invited to view the movie Wreck It Ralph on a projection screen set up outside on the playground. Wreck It Ralph is a Disney movie about a bad guy turned good who takes matters into his own hands to become a hero through video games. How fun! No movie essentials will be spared because concessions will be served while viewing the movie. Wreck It Ralph will be showing at 7:30-9:00p.m.

School Pictures at GMG by Camden Barnes Are you aware school pictures are just around the corner? Well, I’ll tell you about when this will be happening! Pictures at GMG will be taken on September 26, 2013. Pictures are kind of a hassle for the teachers and the photographers, because there are so many of us, but everyone loves looking at the final project when those pictures return. So, remember, smile for the camera on the 26th!

GMG Junior High Football Team Hunter Smith The GMG Junior High Football team has been working very hard to achieve the goal of their first win. The coach of the junior high football team is Mr. Dan Kopriva, and Mr. Andre Roberts is the assistant coach. The first game will be on Tuesday, September 10th. The game will be against BGM at 4:15 PM. This game will take place at Garwin’s home field. The school is very supportive and excited for their first game. Come watch these young gentlemen play their first game!

GMG Football Victory by Scott Rockne The GMG football boys had their first game against Southeast Webster it was away. The team had an outstanding night. They won the game 45-28. Let’s start with their passing quarterback. Bridger Claassen had four pass attempts and two completions. With that he had 56 yards that night, and he had twenty-eight yards of completion. Now let’s go to the rushing athlete Brock Fisher who completed thirteen rush attempts with 167 yards of the night. He carried the ball for a total of 12.8 yards. Brock played an amazing game, as he also scored 4 touchdowns for the night, and his longest touchdown was 63 yards. We can’t forget about athlete Austin Vaughn. he had 12 rush attempts with 102 yards, and he carried the ball 8.5 yards with one touchdown. His longest touchdown was 44 yards. Of course, we can’t forget about receiving athlete Bryce Newcomb, who had two receptions with 56 yards. Bryce also had one touchdown, and his longest touchdown was 53 yards. Now the tackles! Alec Bovenmyer pulled down three solo tackles and eight assist tackles. Alec had eleven total tackles. Athlete Lane Williams had three solo tackles and eight assist tackles. He also had a total of eleven tackles. The GMG boys had a great first game. If they keep this up, they won’t have any thing to worry about! Way to go, GMG!

GMG Cross Country by Trent Geiken The 2013 Cross Country season is underway. This year there are ten strong and determined runners on the team. Mr. Pierson knows how to prepare his team and has been doing just that in these first few weeks of practice. Despite the astonishing temperatures of over a hundred degrees, the team still practices at 7 p.m. at the Union Grove Lake, near Gladbrook. The first meet of the season is coming up on Thursday, and the team is very anxious to put all their hard work to the test. “Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits,” are the wise words of senior runner Codi Groth. The athletes are more determined now than ever, and couldn’t be more prepared. Expect to see a great competition this Thursday. Go GMG Wolverines!

Trenton Geiken By: Chris O’Neal Trent Geiken is a new student at GMG this year. He is a senior and 17 years old. Trent came from Gladbrook Reinbeck High School. For fun Trent likes to chill with friends and play football. Trent’s position is tight end and safety. He contributes a lot to the team. Trent is very excited to meet all of the beautiful young women that go to GMG. His favorite thing to eat is a steak quesadilla from El Portel. Welcome, Trent to GMG! Have a super year!

School Pictures for GMG!! By: Shannon Brown School pictures for GMG are coming up fast. School pictures are on September 11th. When that day comes you need to dress nicely. On that day you should have your hair and make-up done nicely. Pick out a cute outfit and be ready for the GMG school pictures!!

Coronation + Homecoming By Eric Lada Homecoming is rapidly approaching! This week the candidates will be picked for homecoming court. Homecoming is going to be September 21st, after the Friday night game. The dance will start at 8 p.m and get over at 11 p.m. The DJ that will be hosting the dance is Listen Up Productions out of Ankeny. The price to get in will be $8 for couples and $5 for singles. Pictures will be announced sometime next week, so be listening for it in the announcements. If you don’t have a homecoming date yet, I suggest you get on that someone, because its coming up quick. I hope to see you there!

GMG Steps It Up Again By Devon Schuett On August 30, there was a great football game played. The GMG Wolverines defeated the North Mahaska Warhawks 20 to 14. It was very intense from the start of the game all the way to the end of the game. Austin Vaugh kicked 2 field goals the first half. One was for 37 yards, the other was 31. At halftime the score was all tied up at 6 to 6. The Wolverines came out the second half and took care of business. There were a lot of good things that happened in the second half. Brock Fisher contributed a 60 yard punt return and a 26 yard run, both for touchdowns. There were also 2 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery. It was a phenominal game for the Wolverines. This was the first time in a few years that we captured 2 wins in a row. On Friday, September 6, GMG will play AGWSR in Garwin at 7p.m. We all hope to see you there!

GMG Yearbook Sales! By: Kendra Savage That time of year has come around again! That’s right! It’s time to start buying those yearbooks! Support your school and cherish memories that will last a lifetime with your new 2014 school yearbook! The cost is only $50 to own one of these cost worthy books! There will be photos that will show memories of your child or friends. Don’t miss this chance to acquire some memorabilia in this years annual!

MAP Testing By: Jacy Johnson On September 9th, through September 13th, the GMG High School students will be MAP testing. MAP testing, or Measures of Academic Progress, is a series of tests that will designate the level of the student’s aptitude. On that note, students should come to school fully rested and have eaten a proper breakfast. Number two lead pencils will be supplied, but it is suggested that the students bring their own and are prepared to take the test.

GMG Spirit Week by Anna Scheidel During homecoming week the students and staff at GMG love to dress up. The student council gets together and decides how everyone will dress up. Some years they have recurring favorites. Other years, they have wacky new ideas. Spirit week is always good for a few funny pictures in the year book. This year, on Monday the students will have fun on ER Day. Students get to dress up as farmERs, fire fightERs, and police officERs. Tuesday is Crazy Day; students will dress up as crazy as they can with bright colors and mis-matched outfits. Wednesday is Baby Day. The students can relive their golden years when they were catered to their every whim. Thursday is Decade Day. The teachers might have much more fun with this one. They get to re-live the psychedelic 60’s. On Friday, everyone can show their school spirit on Spirit Day. Student council sells beads and stickers to get pumped for the game on Friday night. Every school always hopes to win their homecoming game and GMG is no exception.

GMG’s Junior High Volleyball! Aspen Brown Mrs. Susan Strohbehn, is this years junior high volleyball coach, and she is excited for this year’s season. “We are getting better and better with every practice,” she said. The seventh grade girls that are in volleyball are as follows: Autumn Brown, Mable Dieleman, Maesa Groth, Madison Krull, Journey Miell, Tory Novotny, Brook Rosacker, Amanda Smith, Jadyn Sorem, Kelsey Vaverka, and Shyann Williams. The eighth grade girls are as follows: Eve Gallentine, Peyton Gallentine, Kaela Gruen, KaeLynne, Emily Roberts, Lexie Sorem, and Kenzie Vaske. Their first game is September 9th against Clarksville, at 6:00p.m. in Clarksville. “I can’t wait for the first game!” said Kensie Vaske.

School Pictures for GMG!! By: Shannon Brown School pictures for GMG are coming up fast. School pictures are on September 11th. When that day comes you need to dress nicely. On that day you should have your hair and make-up done nicely. Pick out a cute outfit and be ready for the GMG school pictures!!



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