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Dollar Stretchers

July 26, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
My DIY Moisturizing Soap I buy cheap liquid soap, and I add almond oil (olive oil is also good, but the smell of the almond oil is better). That's how I get moisturizing soap at minimum cost! Michelle R. from Santiago, Chile

Easy Corn on the Cob To cook corn on the cob without a lot of mess and work, microwave two ears for eight minutes with the husk on. Remove the corn from the microwave, cut the base off, hold onto one end, and slide the corn out of husk, silk and all. GW

Garage Sale Selling Strategies I just finished having a big garage sale, getting rid of most of my baby/tot gear as I retired from daycare. I found that if I said "make me an offer," I generally received more than what I had hoped to get. You might want to try this route. It worked for me. Julie

Ahh, Cool Air! Fill a gallon jug with water and freeze it. Set the frozen water jug in a shallow dish in front of fan and turn the fan on. This is especially good at night beside the bed. The shallow dish lets condensation drip without marring any surface. RPB

Tired of Lawn Chores? Do you hate to mow grass as much as I do? Don't forget you can plant other things in large areas of your yard to cut down mowing. Groundcovers such as English ivy, jasmine, fern, daylilies and other plants can cover large expanses of your property. They may need a slight trimming once a year or less, but that's not as bad as once a week. You can also put in rock gardens, large flower beds with mulch, decks, patios or walkways and other structures to take up some of the lawn area. Less grass to mow equals less work for you each weekend! N2W

Stubborn Sticky Price Tags Here's an easy, free way to remove price tags, stickers, etc. Just use your hair dryer. Aim it at the label for several seconds and the heat of the dryer activates the glue on the label and dissolves it. The label or tag will come off easily. If it doesn't come off with the first try, keep the hair dryer aimed at the label a little longer and try again. This works great on picture frames and mirrors, too. Sherri

Cheaper Birdfeed We like to feed the birds at our house, but the birdseed was getting very expensive. At my local farm feed store, I found that I can buy chicken scratch in 50-pound bags at half the cost of regular birdseed. It contains almost the same type of seed as birdseed mixes. We throw in a handful of sunflower seeds, and we keep up our hobby at a "cheeper" price! Karen in New Haven

As Simple as Vinegar Since I started using a vinegar/water mix in a spray bottle to wash down my counters, table, stove, etc., I have not found any ants inside my home. I used to use brand name cleaners and put out ant traps, but the ants would still be found from spring until late summer. So why spend the money when vinegar costs so much less? Cheryl

Reduce Dryer Costs Recently I had our clothes dryer repaired. The repairman gave me a great tip. Dryer sheets leave a residue on the lint catcher, which reduces airflow. This causes the appliance to run less efficiently, making it more expensive to run. He suggested soaking the lint catcher in hot water and scrubbing it with a toothbrush on a regular basis to keep those energy bills down! K.

Eyeglass Savings Make sure you know the warranty on your glasses. This may vary by insurance provider and eyeglass vendor, of course, but it's worth knowing the details. Last year, I ended up breaking my glasses beyond repair and usability. When I called my eye doctor to get an emergency pair made, expecting to pay entirely out of pocket, she said that since it had been one day short of a year since I got them, the replacement pair (frames and lenses) was totally covered within warranty as long as I had at least one lens to exchange (which I did). Tony C. in Holly Springs, NC

Laundry Detergent Performance I have found that the performance of any soap is determined by several factors. The hardness of the water is a biggie. For that, I use a tablespoon of baking soda in my powdered detergent. The size of the load is another. Don't overload and try putting a towel in with regular fabrics, being as the different texture helps with cleaning the other clothes. Another factor is the type of washer. I have a front loader and find that if I use half of the recommended amount of Wind Fresh along with generic color-safe bleach, I get excellent results. There's no need for hot water unless you're sanitizing things that may have been subject to mold growth or candida yeast. Nancy P. in Amarillo, TX



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