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Gladbrook Auxiliary

July 12, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
The Garwin Unit of the American Legion Auxiliary hosted the annual joint meeting at the Memorial Bldg in Gladbrook on Monday evening, July 8 for the purpose of installing officers for 2013-14. Jeanne Paustian, Gladbrook president, welcomed the guests. Joyce Swangel opened with prayer and all recited the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. The national Poppy Committees of the Auxiliary and Legion have revamped the Poppy Program to take effect immediately, May 2013. As there are fewer veteran poppy makers, a problem with quality and availability of materials, can’t get enough poppies to fill orders causing fewer poppies being ordered and lack of public awareness of the significance of the poppy, the committee has offered changes. A resolution will be discussed on stipend guidelines for veterans and servicemen. The poppy funds may now be used not only for our veterans discharged after April 6, 1917, and for the welfare of their families, but for rehabilitation of hospitalized military and for financial and medical need of active duty military. It is also purposed to have poppies made by veterans first as demand requires for poppies and poppy symbol items, but then to use commercial vendors to help fill orders. The Units recessed to separate meetings. The Iowa Department Convention will be held at the Sioux City Convention Center this weekend, July 12-14. Jolene, Nikki and Jeanne plan to attend. Reservations are being made for the Senior Citizens dinner served by the Auxiliary on Friday, July 12 at the Memorial Bldg. Call reservations to Jeanne. Karen Pieper and crew will be serving. Max and Doris Beck are now residing temporarily at the Sunny Hill Nursing Home in Tama after Max took a fall. The Carnival food stand was again successful with cool temperatures, no rain (some wind) and good crowds. The pies were gone and the Sunday dinner sold out. All those who helped build and take down the stand, worked a shift, furnished a pie, gave a donation or came and ate were thanked. The Legion/Aux float received 2nd place. Jeanne thanked Jerry/Jan Schulz and their committee for the entry. And we thank Ron Busch for driving the vehicle. The annual IVH noon picnic was discussed for Saturday, August 3 in the LRC room in Malloy. Marilyn Carstensen will furnish the 2 pies, Jeanne and Karen will fix the 3 chix, Jolene has the homegrown corn and Joyce Swangel will fix the 3 dozen (72) deviled eggs. We will carpool from the Memorial Bldg at 9:45am..let Jolene or Jeanne know if you’d like to come along. We then reconvened to introduce our officers for 2013-14. Garwin will retain their officers with Jane Jordebrek as President; Joanie Hall as V-P; Floriss Stamp, Treasurer and Membership; Maralee Youngman asSsecretary; and Elaine Upah as Chaplain. Gladbrook’s officers will also remain the same with Jeanne Paustian, President; Trudi Scott, V-P; Jolene Denbow, Secretary; Priscella Crumley, Treasurer; Karen Pieper, Historian; and Joyce Swangel, Chaplain. Louise Ulch, Marilyn Carstensen, Margaret Griffith and Sandy Raum will serve as Sgt at Arms. The meeting was adjourned and we enjoyed a variety of delicious homemade pies and ice cream served by the Garwin Unit. What a refreshing treat! Our next meeting will be the Auxiliary Membership Brunch on Monday, August 12 from 9-11am in the Memorial Bldg. Linda and Jody Lohse will be our hostesses and we welcome new members to come and get acquainted with our organization. Senior dues remain at $20 with our Junior members dues at $3. If you are unable to come and are interested in becoming a member, give Jolene a call at 473-2518 or Jeanne at 473-2802.


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