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Tama Co. Supervisors By: Joyce Wiese

June 21, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
At the regular meeting of the Tama County Board of Supervisors, Tuesday, June 11, 2013, Larry Vest, Kendall Jordan and Dan Anderson met with a group of Tama County Citizens, concerned with the possibility of a Hog Confinement application for a building in Lincoln Township. This group has been present a couple of other days and have discussed their feelings and problems with this application. Last Wednesday the Board of Supervisors met. At this time they reviewed the entire Matrix requirements.. There findings concerning the application shows some things which need to be corrected before they could give their endorsement. These applications have a specific number of points for each item needing to be met. The supervisors comments at the 9:45 a.m. decision were as follows: Qualification for the separation of education institutions from the confinement structure by 3501 feet is not met. There is a home schooling family within this distance and it was decided this would qualify as an educational institution. The qualification dealing with the utilization of landscaping around the confinement structure was not met. The design should contain at least three rows of trees and shrubs. This was not included. The third qualification they felt was not met dealt with the proposal of manure storage structure which is a covered or uncovered impoundment used to store manure from an animal feeding operation, which has walls and a floor constructed of concrete, concrete blocks, wood, steel or similar materials. The design operation and maintenance plan for formed manure storage structure must be in the construction permit. Also, construction permit applications includes livestock feeding and watering system that significantly reduce manure odor. Supervisors told the group they would sent a notification of disapproval to the DNR, but the DNR has authority to make rules and to carry them out. Supervisors have no say on this. In other business a resolution was approved to reclassify a road, 380th Street from about 2500 feet East of H Avenue (the property line between Davis and Backen) east to the end in Columbia Township. This only persons who will have access right to the road will include the owner, lessee, or person in lawful possession of any adjoining land, or the agent of employee of the owner, lessee or person in lawful possession of any adjoining land . Any peace officer, magistrate, public employee whose duty it is to supervise the use or perform maintenance of the road, or any agent or employee of any utility located upon the road. A second resolution was approved to appropriate the funds for the 2012-2013 county budget expenditures as amended, the amendment being approved on May 28, as follows. Supervisors for $179,876 for Fiscal Year 2012 transfers for EMA and Economic Development missed by the Auditor County Attorney for $20,000 to upgrade their computer system, and increased prosecution costs. County Sheriff for $26,913 for increased fuel and food costs, and vehicle expenses. County Engineer and roads department, $150,000, for rock and hauling for the county roads. Physical Health $126,424 for incoming grants and donations. Insurance and Bonds $54,019 for increased premiums. Capital Projects for $7,390,532 for Road improvements. Debt service $31,645, consultant and legal fees for Urban Renewal Area. This comes to a total of $7,979,409. Liquor licenses were approved for the Fox Ridge Winery in Traer and John Ernest Vineyard, east of Tama. Drainage District 1 levy was set at zero. Fireworks permit was granted for Dennis Mitchell of rural Buckingham for the evening of July 6, 2013. John Roehrik visited with supervisors on the possibility of the Tama County Mental Health Clinic closing. Roehrik claimed due to money owed by Magellan. Todd Rickerts, CPC, told Supervisors it would probably take $180,000 to assist closing the Tama County Mental Health Clinic and transferring the consumers. He says Tama County had budgeted $144,000. Next weeks meeting will be changed to Tuesday, due to the Property Tax sale being held on Monday in the Board of Supervisors room. County Treasurer says the date is set by the state and she cannot change it. Claims approved for the past week came to $136,879.90.

Supervisors 6-18-13 Tuesday morning, June 18, 2013, County Engineer Lyle Brehm gave the Tama County Board of Supervisors a report on road work. Brehm says the road department is continuing to deal with the recovery from flood damage. Two of the roads near the Iowa River still being worked on are P Avenue near Long Point, southeast of Tama, and E Avenue (Slaughterhouse) road. Both roads required significant work. Longpoint will likely take another 3-5 good working days. The Slaughterhouse road will take another 1-2 days. The heavy rain caused the loss of a bridge on W Avenue between 200th Street and 210th Street. The bridge is still standing but the south end is a foot lower than it used to be. It appears to have additional movement since the initial damage and is no longer safe for anyone to cross. Another bridge was recently lost on Abbott Avenue north of Iowa 96. The north abutment failed for some reason, causing the north end of the bridge to fall into the stream. This bridge is on the Marshall County Line. Our agreement with Marshall County states we will share the expenses of repairing the bridge, but they will oversee those repairs. Tama County is continuing to work on a box culvert replacing a bridge on 370th Street just west of Highway T47. The old bridge is removed and the contractor is working on the floor of the box today. Brehm stated he anticipates the asphalt resurfacing will start this week north of Gladbrook on Highway T47. A contractor will grind up the top four inches of the existing asphalt and lay it right back down again. The ground asphalt will be covered with about three inches of new asphalt a few weeks later. Traffic will be allowed to drive on the ground asphalt before the new asphalt is place. Traffic will be restricted to one-lane during the working time. Work on Highway D65 near Dinsdale will likely commence the second week of July, weather permitting. A vote of 3-0 was made to re-appropriate $100.00 in funds to the county home budget. County Auditor Laura Kopsa told supervisors she had two bills which amounted to just under $100.00 but was slightly over the amount in their account. Joyce Wiese, chairman, of the Tama County Pioneer Cemetery Commission, told supervisors of a request for burial in a Pioneer Cemetery. The decision of the Tama County Pioneer Cemetery Association nine-person board was they would allow burials, but with certain restrictions. A person would be required to have a relative buried previously in the cemetery they requested to use. There would have to be sufficient space for burials without any expansion. Many of the cemeteries have space, but more do not. If a burial was to occur in a pioneer cemetery, it would be the responsibility of the family requesting burial to be responsible for all expenses. The Pioneer Cemetery Commission was organized back in the 1990’s and 27 cemeteries have been restored. At that time a cemetery must have had six or fewer burials in the last fifty years to qualify. Once a cemetery has qualified as a Pioneer cemetery, it keeps that designation for life. The pioneer cemetery commission will be having another meeting toward the end of July and will discuss further any complications they can foresee for burials. A utility permit was approved for Precision Underground Utilities out of Cambridge, Iowa, for work to be done on Abbott Avenue in the western part of Tama County. Claims approved for payment for the past week came to $410,560.85.



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