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Message From Our Mayor

June 7, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
What a start to spring with May having a snowstorm, then 100 degree days and finishing up with two major floods and 15+ inches of rain for the month. Only in Iowa! But it was nice that the snowbirds got to share it with the rest of us. I would like to thank all of the citizens of Gladbrook for helping clean up their area and yards to help make our town look great especially for Memorial Day. Almost everyone had their lawns looking great which wasn’t easy with all the rain and required extra mowing. I had to mail several letters to a few residents on abandoned vehicles in the alleys but almost everyone of them had the car removed and trash cleaned up. Thank you to all for your cooperation. Corn Carnival is just around the corner so let’s keep up the good work. While I’m on keeping Gladbrook looking great, I would like to mention a couple of places here in town I enjoy everyday. First, when I go out to Goos Implement every morning for coffee at 6:45 one can’t help but see the Veterans Memorial Park. When the sun is coming up and shining on the flags and with the green grass it is a very nice view to start the day. Thanks to Dick Denbow for taking care of the flags. I would like to mention and thank several individuals for going the extra mile by tearing down or remodeling older homes and making the area look better. Lets start with Doug Gethmann for taking an old abandoned home and rebuilding it into a very attractive home, Mike Baumeier for removing an older home and building a new one, Roger Gardener for removing an old house and building a nice garage and landscaping the total area, Lisa Reinhard for removing a local eyesore and making a very nice green space along with a gazebo and Jerry and Jan Schultz for their new shop and the nice landscaping.. I’m probably forgetting someone and I apologize for that. If I did, please point them out to me and thanks to all the above for taking responsibility and going the extra mile to make our community look better. Your council has approved at the last council meeting to pursue the property west of the cardtrol and south of Caseys from S.L. Baumeier for the location of the new Fire and Ambulance Building. Our local volunteers in both fire and ambulance are working hard to get this new building designed. They have put in a lot of time looking at other Emergency Response buildings and have come up with a very good plan. I have seen the first drawing from the architect and the design looks great and also very efficient. The committee, headed by Justin Miller is off to a very good start on raising funds. We have some very generous citizens in our town who have already stepped forward. The committee will be coming out with a list of donators in the next couple of weeks. Finally, Corn Carnival is coming up fast – June 27 through June 30. Help pass the word around that we are always looking for more volunteers. If you can help in any way, please let us know. We can use help in setting up, tearing down and also for people to sit and man a booth. Matchstick Marvels and the Gladbrook Museum also need volunteers. If you can help, please contact one of us. Keith Sash, Mayor You have to be oblivious to common sense to believe that taxing people who do work and paying people who don’t work results in more people working. That’s just not the way the world works –Arthur B. Laffer (creator of the Laffer Curve)


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