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Memorial Day 2013-Garwin Honor Roll

May 24, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
WAR OF 1812

MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR Buried at Mattingly Cemetery: Samuel J. Lewis.

CIVIL WAR Buried at Connant Cemetery: W. L. Connant, Hugh W. Snodgrass. Buried at Dobson Cemetery: R. J. Filloon, Samson Strong. Buried at Garwin Cemetery: Franklin M. Bond, R. E. Bond, Napoleon Bywater, Dennis Davis, Abraham Eldridge, Richard Fitzgerald, John C. Fitzgerald, Charles French, J. W. Furrow, Chris Hahnlien, B. F. Hammit, Henry L. Kimbley, Alfred Knight, Wm. Lewis, Lewis Painter, Wm. Thomas, Jacob D. Van Horn, George H. Wentz. Buried at Mattingly Cemetery: Wm. C. Hunnicutt. Buried at Rock Creek Cemetery: Wm. A. Applegate, Joseph L. Fitzgerald, Andrew Roberts. Buried at Anacortes, Wash.: Frederic Ezra Strong Buried at Turner Cemetery: Henry Cooper, William Gannon, Noah Stevenson.

SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR Buried at Dobson Cemetery: Truman Dobson. Buried at Garwin Cemetery: Hans Jessen.


WORLD WAR I Buried at Badger Hill, Gladbrook: George H. Connant. Buried at Crystal Cemetery: Frank Frahm, Louis Hutchison, John A. Niedermann, Henry Stamp, Edward Stamp. Buried at Chapel Cemetery: Henry Mauck. Buried at Dobson Cemetery: Milo Franklin, Raymond Smith. Buried at Garwin Cemetery: Earl Beery, Ellsworth Bond, O. L. Dixon, Charles Filer, Paul Ford, Arthur Freet, Archie Hannegan, John Hannegan, Nis Jensen, Peter C. Jessen, Charles Kelson, Enos Kern, Ralph Kienzle, Joe Logan, Frank McCloud, Henry Mickelsen, David Ochs, J. L. Reedy, Harold Rider, Floyd J. Ruff, Ora E. Saunders, Perry S. Saunders, Wm. M. Saunders, Albert Smoldt, Jake Starits, John Uhlenberg, John Williams, Clyde Woods, Lloyd Woods, Clarence Irons, Clyde Springer. Rose Hill Cemetery, Toledo: Clifford E. Rider. Rose Hill Gardens, Marshalltown: Andrew Peshel. Buried at Silver Valley Cemetery, Hancock: Rev. William F. Ellerbeck. Buried at Waltham Cemetery, Elberon: Purvis Mason. Buried at Van Horn Cemetery, Lowden: Ray H. Parr. Buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Fredericksburg: Peter Uhlenberg. Buried at Turner Cemetery: Francis E. DeFrance, Simon Hofer, Harry Levis, Jesse Richards.

WORLD WAR II Buried at Crystal Cemetery: Glenn F. Bolt, Lester Delfs, Merl Hutchison (Memorial), Frank Stamp, Earl Steiert, Loren Woehlk, John Boerm, Van Wert Wiese, August Seemens, Elmer Blocker, Leo Welch, Lester Boldt, Franklin Frahm, Robert W. Crawford (Memorial), Loren Kammerer, Louis Niedermann, Eldon Siemens. Buried at Dobson Cemetery: Floyd Cutler, Roger Judge, Clair Campbell, Virgil K. Holmes, Milford R. Lowry, Morris T. Lowry, Kernal S. Petrie, John Pierce. Buried at Garwin Cemetery: James Beasley, Raleigh Bellus, Eugene Carey, Muriel Carpenter, Arthur J. Frampton, LaVern Freet, Grover (Red) Giles, Clarence Harmsen, Kenneth W. Higgins, Donald Irons, Clyde M. Irons, Jerry Jutting, Alvin T. Karsjens, Gene Knode, Floyd Libby, M. L. Lingard, Paul C. Novotny, Hollis Rider, John Rokes, Russell Woods, Raymond Wrede, Pete Drury, Roger Kersey, William Siemens, Glen Walter, Robert Osborn, Fred Starits, Warren Williamson, Russ Kienzle, LaVern Staker, George Rohwer, Russell Wood, Wilbur D. Gummert, Arden Sliekers, Darrel Richards. Buried at Garwin Cemetery: Melford Jensen, Dean Thomas, Monte Williamson. Buried at Green Mountain Cemetery: Herb Krough, Robert Dickey. Buried at Maple Hill Cemetery, Gladbrook: Vernon Dahms, Fred Engel, Lester Niedermann, Lester Politz. Buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery: Ralph Cooper, Harold Mason, Marvin Murty. Buried at Rock Creek Cemetery: Earl Atcher, William Jensen, George Jorgensen. Buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Toledo: Ben Benjamin. Buried at Rose Hill Gardens, Marshalltown: Henry Judge, Harold Lovstad, LaVern Frahm, Walter Kellogg, Giles Legg, Harold C. Lovstad, Donald R. Stackhouse, John W. Tucker, Jr., Allen Hall. Buried at St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Winthrop: Leo Helten. Buried at Tuscon, Ariz.: Forrest Card. Buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Oeda Falls: Lloyd G. Johnson. Buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo: Harold Blake. Buried at Albuquerque, N.M.: Alvin Uhlenberg. Buried at Gowrie Township Cemetery, Gowrie: Marvin Sells. Buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Fredericksburg: Henry Judge Buried at Turner Cemetery: Lester Brenneman, Christian Thede, Guy E. Moore, John J. Thede, George Kenneth Cosner.

KOREAN WAR Buried at Crystal Cemetery: LaVern Arp, Lester Landt, Leonard Landt. Buried at Dobson Cemetery: Arthur Petrie, Jr. Buried at Garwin Cemetery: Wesley Rohach, Arthur Petermeir, Wendell Parsons, Boyd Ruff, Francis Upah. Buried at Maple Hill Cemetery, Gladbrook: Stephen Hass, Larry Travis. Buried at Rock Creek Cemetery: Louis Schultz. Buried at Rose Hill Gardens, Marshalltown: John D. Halverson, Dwayne Martin, Dwayne Martin. Buried at Riverside Cemetery, Marshalltown: Arthur Frahm. Buried at St. Vaclav Cemetery, Clutier: Philip J. Hlas.

VIETNAM WAR Buried at Crystal Cemetery: Dennis Emke. Buried at Dobson Cemetery: Thomas Sorensen. Buried at Garwin Cemetery: Mark G. Goetz, Dennis Williams, Roy Hartman, Dale Akers, Michael Cahow. Buried at Rose Hill Gardens, Marshalltown: Larry Dahms, Darwin Judge. Buried at Turner Cemetery: Larry J. Novotny.




PEACETIME Buried at Garwin Cemetery: Ralph Beck, Carson Winders.

We apologize if any names have been omitted and if you see any errors please notify our office, so we can up-date our files.



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