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Senior Class Trip-By: Sadie Walton

May 17, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
At 2:30 AM on Saturday, May 4th, the senior class loaded onto a charter bus for the 6.5 hour trip to St. Louis. The bus drove all through the night and finally arrived at their hotel at 10:30 that morning. The senior dropped off all of their things in their respective rooms and then got back on the bus to go see the famous arch. When they arrived at the Arch, the class split into groups of five to go up it. Abbie Walton described the Arch, “It’s crazy. It looks like a piece of paper from the side.” The top of the arch was packed full of people, and everything was slanted. From one side, you had a view of the entire city of St. Louis, and from the other, a view of the river. After the exciting trip to the Arch, the students went Hodak's, a barbecue restaurant described as being, “really, really good”. After eating a good lunch, the kids loaded back on the bus to spend the rest of the day at Six Flags Amusement Park. After spending about six hours at the park, riding roller coasters and other crazy rides, the now exhausted seniors made their way back to their hotel. The students were able to socialize in the lobby until their 11:00 curfew. The next and final day of the senior class trip had the students being back on the bus by 10:30 AM. The bus took them all to Bissel Mansion for a murder mystery dinner. Bissel Mansion is the oldest brick house in all of St. Louis. At the dinner, students were each assigned a character at random. Some of the characters had lines and some did not. As the students ate their traditional style meal, actors from the mansion acted out an interactive murder mystery. In the end, it was Mrs. Kiburis, one of the chaperones, who had committed the crime. After the crime had been solved and all the plates had been cleared, the students climbed back on the bus to start the trip home. “It was a lot more fun than I expected” says Kayla Fobian, “It made me realize how much I’m going to miss my classmates.” Abbie Walton described the trip as, “A great end to the the last month of high school


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