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Solo/Small Ensemble vocal and band contest By: Shelby Yates

May 10, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
On Saturday, April 13, Gladbrook-Reinbeck took a hefty group of high school students to Don Bosco for the annual Solo/Small Ensemble Vocal and Band contest. Anyone from grades 9th-12th grade can participate in as many performance events as they want. For instance, you could perform a vocal solo, duet, double trio, etc. and an instrumental duet, brass choir, and quartet. There really is no limit to what you can do at Solo/Small Ensemble contest. Rules vary per performance type. On contest day, you perform in front of one judge who gives you an overall ranking according to scored categories. The categories a judge ranks you on include: tone quality, intonation, rhythm, technique, balance/blend, diction/articulation, interpretation/musicianship, and other performance factors. For each area of concern, the judge gives you a ranking from 1-5, 5 being the best. After totaling the points, you get an overall ranking from I-IV, I being the best. G-R took 12 Solo/Small Ensemble events from both band and choir. A Division I is known as a Superior title, and a Divison II is an Excellent title. Here’s the division rankings for all of our performances: •Carley Crozier (vocal solo): II •Cortney Crozier (vocal solo): II •Megan Oelschlager (vocal solo): II •Cydney Rose (vocal solo): II •Aaron Shouse (vocal solo): I •Karen Wilson (vocal solo): II •Shelby Yates (vocal solo): II •Brooke Beenken, Amber Brandt, Carley Crozier, Emily Goettsch, Shandra Simo, and Brittany Yates (freshmen double trio): II •Hanna Christopher, Jenna Hoffman, Emily Johnson, Ashley Moore, Cydney Rose, and Kelsey Schwartz (sophomore double trio): II •Hanna Christopher, Hannah Martin, Emily Johnson, Cydney Rose, Jenny Schildroth, and Kelsey Schwartz, Alyona Strohbehn, and Kendra Vavroch (sophomore double quartet): II •Alyssa Christopher, Ellie Stoakes, Sadie Walton, and Shelby Yates (junior quartet): I •Cortney Crozier (saxophone solo): I •Emily Goettsch/Cole Goos (trumpet duet): II •Kayla Gutknecht (flute solo): I •Shelby Yates (trumpet solo): II Many of our performances that received Division II rankings were within just one or two points away from the Superior title of a Division I. In the past, we have received Division III rankings, as well. This is the first year that anyone can recall that our school received only Superior (I) and Excellent (II) titles. This is something to take GReat pride in! Solo/Ensemble Contest is a great way to not only show off your talents and represent your school, but also prove your growth as a musician throughout the school year. These great results strongly reflects how blossoming our band and choir programs are here at Gladbrook-Reinbeck! Looking forward to the future of our fine arts, I can truly say we’re going to succeed and reach even closer towards greatness!


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