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Pastoral Reflections- Pastor Bruce Zimmermann, Christ Lutheran Chuch Gladbrook, Iowa

May 10, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
An elderly pastor told this story in a sermon: T tourist in Italy went to see a large, beautiful house in the mountains. As he drove up to the house he noticed how well the lawn, flower beds, and hedges looked. The tourist saw no one around except the caretaker. So he asked him, “Is your master at home?’ “No, sir,” was the reply. “When will he return?” the tourist asked. “Well,” said the tourist, “how long has he been gone?” “Many years,” the caretaker told him. Surprised, the tourist said,”Why, the way you have taken care of this house, one would think you are expecting him tomorrow.” “Not tomorrow but today, sir,” said the caretaker, “today!” By telling this story the elderly pastor was encouraging his people to live each day as if it were the day when they would meet Jesus face to face. Jesus has ascended into heaven. We never know when he will return for us or when he will call us to meet him. But each day we have work that he has for us to do. If we faithfully do our work, our Lord will one day tell us “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Jesus wants us to live with him and for him now and always. This is why he gave his life for us. This is why he tells us to be ready always for his return. So, like the caretaker in the story, let’s expect our Lord not tomorrow but today. Then, whether he comes for us today or not, today will be a day lived with the Lord.


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