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Cooking Corner By: Bernice Volkens

May 10, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
May has many special days that highlight this time of the year. There are many occasions that fill our hearts with pride, joy and touching memories. Next Sunday is Mother’s Day, a special day to to honor all mothers and to remember mothers that are no longer with us. It seems strange that the woman who gave birth was never a mother herself. She was a spinster schoolteacher named Anna Jarvis and she was the daughter of a Methodist Minister At one point she was an advertising executive with a Philadelphia insurance firm, but she quit her job and for 15 years she devoted her life to caring for her ailing mother. After her Mother’s death in1905, she yearned to find something to honor the memory of her mother, that was a good, wonderful woman. And then she remembered the picnics that her mother had helped to organize back home in Grafton, West Virgina. They were called Mother’s Friendship Day picnics and mothers gathered at them in them in an effort to heal the hatred lingering after the Civil War. Then came the ides, why not a national day to honor all mothers? She wrote to the U.S. Patent Office and obtained a copyright for “Mother’s Day.” Then tirelessly she visited and wrote about her idea to governors, state legislators, congressmen senators, clergymen and even the White House to get “her day” recognized. At last in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation making “Mother’s Day” a national observance. For the rest of life she campaigned to keep the holiday from becoming too commercialized. My dearest gifts have been those sweet gifts made by little hands. When Anne Jarvis died in 1948 a wreath of 43 carnations was placed on her grave; 43 because that was how many countries celebrate “Mother’s Day” due to her efforts. And why carnations? Because she suggested she would like that flower for Mothers Day because it was her mother’s flower. Today if your mother has passed away, the flower is a white carnation and red if your mother is alive. It’s always nice to have an easy recipe for a special day. When I’m in a hurry I buy a crust, which even makes a even a faster dessert. HERSHEY BAR PIE Melt 3 (30 cents) Hershey Bars with 1/2 cup milk and 16 - 18 large marshmallows. When this has cooled, add small tub of Cool Whip and put into a graham cracker crust. Put a few crumbs on top. Cool in the refrigerator. “There’s no love like a Mother’s love.” —Reneau


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